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“A Porch With a Home”: The Design of Palmetto Bluff Homes

Written by Palmetto Bluff

Jul 11, 2022

How Palmetto Bluff Home Design Complements Nature

The natural beauty of Palmetto Bluff is without question its most notable feature. As soon as you step foot into the Bluff, the lush landscapes and ribboning waterways make you feel like you’ve escaped into a whole other world.

Since the beginning, Palmetto Bluff’s native habitats have been preserved by maintaining the ecological and environmental integrity of the lands at the junction of the May, Cooper, and New rivers. Certain parameters have even been put in place to ensure that the Island’s habitat remains wild and beautiful.

A unique aspect of the Bluff’s topography is the way man-made structures blend into the Lowcountry environment. In order to achieve this seamless integration, an in-depth process was developed by the Design Review Board (DRB) of Palmetto Bluff. The DRB aims to protect and enhance the natural surroundings while weaving in the built environment to create a cohesive and regionally authentic settlement here at the Bluff.

Whether you are planning to build a home or purchase an existing property, all Palmetto Bluff homes are built in harmony with nature. Continue reading to discover exactly how Palmetto Bluff home design works in tandem with the natural setting surrounding the region to maintain a cohesive and organic aesthetic across our community.

5 Palmetto Bluff Home Design Features that Complement Nature

1. Wraparound Porches

    As stated in the title, Palmetto Bluff homes are commonly referred to as “a porch with a home.” Because of the temperate climate and serene coastal views of the Bluff’s environment, our homes are designed with indoor-outdoor living in mind. Here, you can relax and listen to the sounds of nature while feeling the cool salty breezes against your skin. Not to mention, these large verandas give a nod to Southern architecture and help to create a seamless blend between our Lowcountry homes and the outdoor environment they are built upon.

    2. Earthy Hues

      When exploring Palmetto Bluff homes, you may notice the earthy color scheme that encompasses the properties. Shades of beige, brown, white, and light blue are a common theme among the homes in our community — and this is no accident. These natural hues help to seamlessly blend our homes into the native landscapes of the Lowcountry.

      3. Vast Windows

        To further foster indoor-outdoor living, Palmetto Bluff home design features vast windows that allow the sun to shine through. That way, natural light can flood your home illuminating your space to create a warm and inviting ambiance. On top of that, homeowners can enjoy the scenic views surrounding their property from sunrise to sunset.

        4. Orientation

          As well as adding windows, we also orient houses to maximize the serene coastal views of the property’s surroundings. By taking into consideration the direction the homes and specific rooms will face, we can determine the amount of sunlight various rooms may have each day. We can also ensure that frequently-used rooms such as the primary suite and living room are facing your desired Lowcountry scenery.

          5. Natural Materials

            At Palmetto Bluff, we aim to develop contemporary interpretations and details that incorporate sustainable concepts. When building new properties, we ensure local materials are used that are well suited to the climate of the Lowcountry and will last for years to come. That’s why, many of our properties feature traditional exterior detailing such as board and batten, metal roofs, gas lanterns, and oyster tabby stucco. Inside, you will find local materials such as reclaimed barnwood flooring, Old Savannah brick accents, and more charming details. These features blend seamlessly into the coastal environment of the Bluff and bring the spirit of the Lowcountry into your home.

            The Role of the Design Review Board

            As mentioned above, the purpose of the Palmetto Bluff Design Review Board (DRB) is to protect and enhance the natural setting by creating guidelines for the built environment. All in all, The DRB’s responsibility is to uphold, enforce, and maintain the Palmetto Bluff Design and Construction Guidelines for all new construction projects.

            In order to achieve the best outcome, no matter how large or small the project is, DRB requires professional design submissions. By requiring only South Carolina-registered architects and landscape architects for every submission, the DRB is better able to control the consistency of the community and maintain the high design standard found throughout each and every neighborhood at the Bluff.

            Building Your Dream Home at Palmetto Bluff

            Although the building process may take some time to complete, the end result is well worth it. Your Palmetto Bluff home design will blend seamlessly into its Lowcountry surroundings to create a one-of-a-kind abode. With impeccable architectural features and indoor-outdoor living spaces, you can look forward to enjoying your Palmetto Bluff home for years to come.

            If you’re interested in building your dream home at Palmetto Bluff, click the button below to connect with us. Our team has extensive experience in residential and commercial development and land planning, land management, community development, and real estate sales. Therefore, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our luxury community. We look forward to hearing from you!

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