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How to Design a Charming Front Porch

Written by Palmetto Bluff

May 2, 2022

9 Front Porch Design Ideas for Your Lowcountry Home

The front porch plays an important role in the look and feel of your home. Not only is it the first feature visitors see when they approach your home, but it also serves as an outdoor living space to enjoy the company of friends and family. Here, you can enjoy the coastal breezes and breathe in the salty air, while admiring the gorgeous surroundings of your home. All in all, the front porch serves as an outdoor haven.

In order to fully enjoy your space, it is important to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Read on to discover our front porch design ideas to help you gain inspiration for your Lowcountry home.

1. Decide on an Aesthetic

    Think of your front porch as an extension of your home. Like any other room, it should maintain a cohesive aesthetic that complements the rest of your home, and your personal style of course. To get started, determine the theme you would like to create. Maybe you prefer a traditional Southern front porch that pays tribute to the Lowcountry location of your home. Or, perhaps you prefer a more laid-back, coastal vibe that reminds you of the nearby ocean. Whatever you decide, be sure to choose an aesthetic that makes you feel relaxed and at ease.

    2. Select a Color Scheme

      Once you have decided on a style, it is time to select a color scheme. Earthy colors inspired by the surrounding landscape will help your front porch blend seamlessly into the Lowcountry environment. If you wish to add pops of color, consider blue hues and peachy tones to help brighten up the space while maintaining a coastal vibe. You can even add these pops of color through accent pieces and other details for a more subtle look.

      3. Create a Seating Area

        In order to fully enjoy your outdoor space, be sure to add a seating area that allows you to comfortably gather with friends or simply relax. Choose a variety of inviting couches and chairs so you can easily accommodate others. An outdoor daybed can serve as a tranquil oasis, while a rocking chair is a southern home staple. Having ample seating areas on your porch will ensure that it is an inviting place to spend time.

        4. Install a Porch Swing

          A hallmark of Southern front porches, adding a porch swing can add some additional charm to your space. Not only does it add interest to your front porch design, but it also serves as a functional and relaxing place to enjoy the outdoors and admire the natural scenery. As an added bonus, a porch swing is a perfect place for a family photo op!

          5. Put Down a Rug

            Just like with any room, placing down a rug ties the entire space together. Choose a sturdy outdoor rug in your chosen color scheme to transform your front porch into a cohesive outdoor living space. Consider natural fiber rugs such as jute or seagrass to blend seamlessly into the Lowcountry environment.

            6. Incorporate Statement Lighting

              Adding statement lighting to your front porch can elevate the space while allowing you to enjoy your space during the evening and early morning hours. Not to mention, it will add some serious curb appeal to your home, while highlighting unique architectural details.

              Choose a light fixture that seamlessly blends into the design of your home. A hanging lantern is a timeless piece, while an iron chandelier can add a touch of elegance to the space. If you’re going with a coastal aesthetic, consider adding texture to your light fixtures. A bamboo or rattan light fixture can add texture and warmth to your front porch design. Lastly, sconces on either side of the front door provide a warm welcome to any guests who approach your home.

              7. Install an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

                Installing ceiling fans above your front porch can add to the Southern design, while also keeping you cool during the summer months. Be sure to choose visually interesting fans that seamlessly fit into the design of the exterior of your home. We recommend wood or woven blades for a coastal flare. When you feel the cool breeze blowing in your face on a warm day, you certainly will not regret installing an outdoor ceiling fan on your front porch.

                8. Add Flowers and Greenery

                  With the lush landscape surrounding your home blooming with plants, bringing greenery onto the front porch can help to blend the outdoors and the indoors. Select plants and flowers that match the ambiance of your front porch. A Majesty Palm plant can lend to the coastal vibe of your home, while a pot of hydrangeas can add a pop of color to liven up the space. Select pots made from a variety of different materials and in several colors to create added interest to the front porch design.

                  9. Accessorize With Throw Pillows and Blankets

                    As a finishing touch, add throw pillows and blankets to make your front porch extra cozy and inviting. Layering a variety and textures and colors can provide added warmth and comfort. Not to mention, these details are the perfect way to add a pop of color without overwhelming the space.

                    Designing the Home of Your Dreams at Palmetto Bluff

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