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Five Southern Coastal Towns to Call Home

Written by Palmetto Bluff

Mar 13, 2022

5 Coastal Towns Packed with Southern Charm

Discover the Top 5 Coastal Towns in the South

Together, southern charm and a coastal backdrop make for a captivating experience.

Coastal towns in the South are exploding in popularity among luxury homeowners, and for good reason. Plenty of small towns boast their own unique mix of scenic views, good food, and warm hospitality. As a result, many are craving the slower change of pace that can only be found here in the South.

We invite you to explore the culture, food, and local architecture of the top coastal towns of the South — from Virginia to Florida, and each state in between. Keep reading to discover the most charming towns in the region.

  1. Bluffton, South Carolina

The Lowcountry has a long, rich history and is renowned for its natural splendor. But nowhere embodies these characteristics more than Bluffton, South Carolina. This quaint town boasts close proximity to several highly-rated beaches and waterfront access to three rivers, including the May River. Bluffton is also known for its great southern cuisine; fresh seafood and home-style barbecue come standard here, serving up the most mouthwatering Lowcountry flavors. Homeowners and visitors alike have come to love dishes such as she-crab soup and shrimp and grits.

Bluffton is also home to our premier community, Palmetto Bluff. The architectural style of the community speaks for itself, and is one of the many reasons homeowners choose to live here. Our gorgeous coastal homes are built around Bluffton’s native scenery, creating a sense of oneness with the environment. Conservation is at the heart of everything, where thousands of acres in the community are preserved to maintain the lasting integrity of their ecosystems. Palmetto Bluff members prioritize communing with nature, and outdoor activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding, boating, fishing, shooting, and horseback riding are all part of the experience.

Life at Palmetto Bluff is unlike any other — from the endless outdoor adventures to the southern hospitality woven into the fabric of this community.

Discover the unmatched lifestyle at Palmetto Bluff here.

  1. St. Simons Island, Georgia

Located between Savannah and Jacksonville, and just a two-hour drive from Palmetto Bluff, St. Simons Island is a private barrier island among the best coastal towns in the South. From its heritage sites to its 16th-century monuments, the island is steeped in history. Visitors who enjoy history will relish the chance to step back in time on St. Simons.

Saltwater fishing is the most popular pastime of residents. Among the catches of the day are grouper, snapper, cobia, mackerel, shark, and tarpon. In the heart of the town, the St. Simons Island Pier is a popular spot for crabbing.

As a result of its touristic nature, the local cuisine varies from simple fare to high-end. Home styles reflect the area's central location between southern Georgia and coastal Florida, and a unique selling point of this small island is the mix of home prices and architectural styles available.

  1. Anna Maria Island, Florida

A charming town along Florida's gulf coast, Anna Maria Island features plenty of local flair. As is true to Florida style, a laid-back lifestyle is the status quo. Beautiful beaches line the town, and an abundance of marine life makes it a popular destination among nature enthusiasts.

The beaches and main parts of town are dotted with shops and restaurants serving tasty food and drinks. Though the town is small, there are many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed there. Fishing, kayaking, biking, hiking, and paddleboarding are all popular among locals and tourists alike. The predominant architectural style is Key West-style, with its shady porches and colorful palettes adorned with hurricane shutters.

  1. Cape Charles, Virginia

While southerners may say Cape Charles is part of the north, northerners may say it belongs to the south. Either way, it is a charming small town with a lot to offer. Among its maritime forests and sandy beaches, the town still retains a Victorian-era feel present in the history and architecture.

As a result of its remote location, Cape Charles is excellent for outdoor exploration. The public beaches on the cape offer a variety of water recreation opportunities, from kayaking to water skiing and everything in between. The homes showcase the town’s northeastern roots, a legacy of its Pennsylvanian founder, William L. Scott.

  1. Beaufort, North Carolina

Beaufort is a small town located in North Carolina's "Inner Banks," not to be confused with the South Carolina town of the same name that neighbors nearby Bluffton. Originally a fishing village, Beaufort maintains much of its old-fashioned charm. Downtown features a quaint main street, great for window shopping and a leisurely stroll. Fresh seafood is a staple in the local cuisine, as it is in many of the coastal towns listed here.

Locals take advantage of the region's natural beauty whenever possible. Off the coast lies a preserved estuary, Shackleford Banks, where wild horses still roam. A popular pastime is deep sea fishing for marlin, as well as dolphin boat tours. Architectural styles in Beaufort include coastal cottages with colorful shingles and spacious porches.

Discover Southern Coastal Living in Palmetto Bluff

Among these top coastal towns in the south, life is anything but ordinary. Daily excursions are plentiful and breathtaking views abound.

Palmetto Bluff, however, can promise an unrivaled lifestyle. With unique amenities like a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, dining venues, 32 miles of coastline, and a shooting club, “home” quickly becomes more than just a residence.

The community is known for its leading conservation efforts, with two archeologists on staff and land management professionals to ensure your Palmetto Bluff experience remains authentic and wild. The outdoorsy lifestyle also involves embracing nature's offerings, from breathtaking trails and waterfront vistas to luxurious member experiences.

Living at Palmetto Bluff means getting to experience all that the Lowcountry has to offer. Click the button below to sign up for our newsletter for a collection of stories and one-of-a-kind experiences.