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A physical showcase of our Artist in Residence program and a curated collection of southern artists.



FLOW Gallery + Workshop is a physical showcase of our Artist in Residence program and a curated collection of southern artists situated in a fun and engaging gallery setting in the heart of Wilson Village. Work from this diverse lineup includes a rotating series of exhibitions, workshops, and events featuring established and emerging artisans.

Gallery hours are 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Tuesday – Sunday, with workshops, exhibitions, parties, and more to come throughout the year. FLOW Gallery + Workshop is situated in the heart of Wilson Village at 76B Boat House Street, next to village sweet spot, Melt. Please join us in celebrating and supporting the established and emerging artisans whose work will hang on our walls and line our shelves. Questions? Give us a call at 843.706.5483.

Develop a Deeper Appreciation

Immersive and hands-on

Sitting at the heart and social center of Wilson Village, FLOW Gallery + Workshop is the hub for the entire Arts Initiative experience. We welcome members and guests to an immersive, hands-on interaction and a deeper appreciation for the artists whose work represents the elements that comprise Palmetto Bluff.


Art is best when shared with others

Central to The Arts Initiative and at the heart of FLOW Gallery + Workshop is a core belief that art is best when shared with others. Through a robust and constantly evolving schedule of events, workshops, and gatherings, we aim to do just that.

Artists of the Bluff

Art is central to the Palmetto Bluff experience, and the Artists of the Bluff - a group of professional painters, photographers, potters, and jewelers - embrace that mentality to the fullest. The group hosts two annual fine art shows each spring and fall, as well as a constant rotation of artists and original work featured in FLOW Gallery + Workshop,

Learn more about the Artists of the Bluff.

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Upcoming Events

Painting & Poetry Exhibition with Jenan Mcclain

August 9 – 12, 2023 

Special Events

Palette & Pen – An Evening of Painting and Poetry with Jenan Mcclain 

Wednesday, August 9 | 4pm | FLOW Gallery + Workshop | Complimentary

Embark on a poetic journey as we warmly welcome talented Charleston, SC-based painter and poet Jenan Mcclain to the Bluff. Prepare to be enchanted as Jenan unveils the depth of her artistic prowess through a mesmerizing poetry reading and writing experience. Witness the power of words as she shares insightful verses, evoking a range of emotions within each listener. Join us for an evening of inspiration where the written word and visual art converge, leaving an indelible imprint on the soul.

Collection Viewing + Meet the Artist

Friday, August 11 | 2pm-5pm | FLOW Gallery + Workshop

Meet Jenan Meet Jenan

The Arts Initiative

The Arts Initiative at Palmetto Bluff will foster the pursuit of artistic innovation and expression through a diverse curation of artists, craftsmen, musicians, makers, and chefs. Through year-round programming, unfolding across Palmetto Bluff’s unspoiled natural canvas, The Arts Initiative will create a dialogue between art, the community, and the beauty of the Bluff itself.

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