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An Inside Look at Palmetto Bluff Neighborhoods

Written by Palmetto Bluff

May 9, 2022

Explore Palmetto Bluff Neighborhoods and Their Unique Amenities

Palmetto Bluff is a desirable community that seamlessly blends together the natural Lowcountry landscape with luxury living. Here, residents enjoy a number of recreational activities and upscale events in a picturesque, coastal setting that appears to be untouched. In fact, conservation of the wilderness and wildlife is of utmost importance to the community. That's why each of the Palmetto Bluff neighborhoods is built in harmony with nature and boasts its own unique character.

Continue reading to get to know the four neighborhoods that comprise the diverse Palmetto Bluff community.

Moreland Forest

Located along the 7.5-mile inland waterway and surrounding preserved wetlands, Moreland Forest is ideal for those who possess an adventurous spirit. This collection of homesites provides residents with convenient access to the water so they can enjoy fishing, boating, and other outdoor activities right outside their door.

Here, property owners have the opportunity to custom build the home of their dreams. With a range of lot sizes, many with dock easements on the waterway trail, future residents are awarded the coveted ability to design a personalized home that includes every detail on their wishlist. Plus, with the neighborhood's close proximity to Moreland Village and River Road, residents will enjoy easy access to an array of amenities including fitness centers, restaurants, and game rooms among many others.

Moreland Village

Situated in a picturesque natural setting among the maritime forest and vast waterways, Moreland Village serves as a perfect home base to explore the surrounding coastal environment. The architecture of these homes perfectly complements the distinctive landscape of the Lowcountry and the vibrant history that accompanies it.

Homes in Moreland Village can be described as traditional southern with a laid-back, contemporary twist. Modern features include exposed rafter tails, cable handrails, and steel windows and doors. However, the design stays true to its Lowcountry location with a large front porch and towering white pillars. Inside, expansive windows aim to blur the indoors and the outdoors together, while simultaneously providing a light and airy atmosphere. All in all, it is safe to say that you will feel right at home in these charming riverine abodes.

The neighborhood is also in close proximity to a number of luxury amenities. Residents enjoy convenient access to The Boundary — a luxury wellness facility exclusive to Palmetto Bluff members and guests. Upscale features include Technogym equipment, a state-of-the-art fitness on-demand system, a pool facility, and access to a variety of private workout classes. Residents also enjoy close proximity to various dining establishments, such as The Canteen, which is the perfect spot to pick up coffee or grab lunch with a friend. Other amenities within Moreland Village include bowling and various retail establishments to visit at your leisure.

Wilson Village

As the first of the Palmetto Bluff neighborhoods, Wilson Village encompasses all of the characteristics that make small, southern towns so appealing. Here, residents enjoy a wide range of experiences and activities as well as close proximity to gourmet restaurants and signature shops. Not to mention, the neighborhood is set under sprawling live oak trees and located nearby the winding May River, providing the opportunity for ultimate relaxation within nature.

The architecture of the homes in Wilson Village truly embodies the spirit of the Lowcountry. With classic features like blue shutters, expansive front porches, charming porch swings, and other authentic details, these homes couple traditional southern architecture with a relaxed, coastal aesthetic. Although each home is different, the interior often features an open floor plan with glass doors that allow for natural light to drift through the home. There are also an array of luxury features ranging from modern kitchen appliances to a spa-like master bathroom. You are sure to find a comfortable home to call your own in the Wilson Village neighborhood.

River Road

Situated just between Wilson and Moreland villages, the River Road neighborhood exudes coastal charm. With views of the preserved maritime forest and easy access to various nature trails, residents enjoy convenience coupled with privacy.

River Road homes reflect the traditional charm of the South. Influenced by historic homes in Charleston and Savannah, the architecture exhibits period styles and formal details. With balance and symmetry that reflects the harmony of nature, these homes feature classic proportions as well as manicured gardens that accentuate the beauty of the Lowcountry landscape.

In terms of outdoor recreation, River Road is home to The Lodge — a members-only amenity that is home to a community garden, playground, and dog park so you can spend your days enjoying the fresh air with loved ones. The Lodge also features a fitness center and luxury pool facility so you can stay active and lift weights at your leisure.

Explore Luxury Living at Palmetto Bluff

What makes the Palmetto Bluff community stand out is the expansive trail system that connects each and every neighborhood, park, and village to one another. That way, no matter what neighborhood you choose to reside in, you maintain convenient access to all of the unique amenities and locations that make Palmetto Bluff truly special.

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