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Living in Style: The Architecture of Palmetto Bluff Homes

Written by Palmetto Bluff

Apr 16, 2022

Palmetto Bluff Architecture: Evolving Coastal Luxury Homes

If you look at the natural decor and coastal architecture of its history, there's no question that the Lowcountry takes you back to another era. Traditional architectural designs are able to withstand the natural elements of the region, and Palmetto Bluff’s coastal luxury homes follow the same standard. These exuberant, sweeping homes are designed to match the climate, highlight the natural beauty of the Lowcountry, and withstand the occasional summer storm.

Though built on traditional foundations, you can expand these homes to meet the needs of a growing family while incorporating Lowcountry functionality and innovative design elements. Continue reading to learn more about what makes Palmetto Bluff’s southern coastal architecture so unique.

An Introduction to Southern Architecture

With the arrival of French, English, and German settlers in the southern region of the United States comes the birth of Lowcountry architecture. Originally, this style of home was characterized by grand exterior staircases that spanned across the entrance and Greek-inspired columns that supported a multilevel façade. Especially notable are tall windows adorned with bold shutters, which have become a timeless accent for southern homes.

Many of these elements are still incorporated into the coastal architecture of the Lowcountry because they are durable and practical, but Palmetto Bluff homes add a touch of opulence and style to their coastal luxury home community.

6 Design Essentials for Lowcountry Homes

Many of the architectural elements in the Lowcountry serve a functional purpose, but can also add style and southern charm. Here are six timeless design staples that remain prevalent in home structures in Palmetto Bluff.

1. Raised Foundations

    In the Lowcountry, raised foundations are not just useful for increasing the height of your home, but also protecting it from flooding during heavy rains. The raised structure of some homes is kept open to allow water to flow freely underneath. With this design, homeowners can add a garage on the ground level, while ensuring the living space on the second floor remains free of potential harm.

    2. High Ceilings

      While walking through a southern coastal house, you’ll notice the extremely high ceilings, but they aren’t just for aesthetic purposes! Prior to air conditioners, this was a traditional method of controlling the humidity and temperature of the home. Warm air is allowed to move up through the ceiling, while the living space below stays cooler. In a Palmetto Bluff home, the ceilings usually reach 12 feet in common areas and bedrooms. Areas that are likely to generate a great deal of heat — such as kitchens — can reach 14 feet in height.

      3. Tall Windows

        Antebellum style homes are renowned for their tall windows with accompanying shutters. Whether single or double-hung, these windows ensure maximum air flow and optimal natural lighting. Your house takes on a contemporary feel with this design element while still maintaining a timeless feel. Relax in your living room armchair and soak up the natural scenery, or have a jungle of houseplants growing right in your space with all the natural sunlight flooding in.

        4. Transoms

          A transom is commonly used to separate door frames from window frames or other decorative accents above the door, creating a sense of elegance. Having a transom increases the amount of natural light that enters your home, and is available in many different styles. In addition to maintaining your privacy with a solid door, you are also afforded some transparency and style with the window design. It has held its place in traditional southern architecture, but is also gaining a second life alongside other architectural styles, bringing a touch of modernity to your southern coastal house.

          5. Outdoor Living Areas

            From large verandas and piazzas to screened porches and plant filled decks, large outdoor living spaces are the crown jewel of southern coastal homes. Architects orient the homes in a way that allows them to catch the most sun and a pleasant breeze on a warm day. At its inception, it was designed to allow the most natural light into the outdoor living area and to control the temperature while allowing you to take in all of nature's splendor. The atmosphere provides the most idyllic setting for star gazing, reading your favorite book, or visiting with friends and family.

            The outdoor living spaces feature large verandas, covered porches, and decks that are great for bird watching and just relaxing in a hammock on a nice day. In addition to having marsh and river views in your backyard, the coastal luxury homes in the community are surrounded by lush landscapes, so you'll be immersed in the natural splendor of the Lowcountry.

            6. Hand-Crafted Landscaping

              Palmetto Bluff reflects its natural surroundings in the landscaping of its yard, whether it be organic or formal. Formal landscapes are typically symmetrical and feature straight lines and squared-off gardens. There is a bit of visual interest created by the pathways, as they have uniform lengths, widths, and patterns.

              An organic landscape uses the natural flow of the land and requires minimal maintenance, which aligns with Palmetto Bluff's dedication to sustainability by utilizing organic materials. Both types of landscape incorporate crushed oyster shells and cobblestones as pathways to provide a coastal feel and drive the modern traditional aesthetic.

              Construct Your Dream Home at Palmetto Bluff

              Our architects and homeowners are incorporating so many new innovations into their luxury coastal homes that make Palmetto Bluff stand out from the rest. In Palmetto Bluff, you can take charge of your own dream house design as there are untouched lots for you to paint your own picture. You can find everything from charming coastal bungalows to awe-inspiring estates and stunning waterfront properties in the Bluff, making it the ideal place to call home.

              Explore our available home listings and homesites to see what we have crafted especially for you. Click the button below to get started and join the Palmetto Bluff community.