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A List of Local Interior Designers for Styling Your Luxury Home

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Style Your Luxury Home with the Help of Local Design Professionals Specializing in Coastal Real Estate


An interior designer’s primary goal is to enhance our experience of our indoor and outdoor living spaces. Designers are able to appeal to the senses and anticipate your needs when creating an aesthetically pleasing living space. Among the advantages of hiring an interior designer are increasing the value of your home, identifying your tastes and preferences, and simplifying home improvement projects.


Making your house a home begins with a well-designed interior. Designers frequently collaborate with builders, architects, and developers to create a design from scratch. When it comes to luxury, professionals are sure to deliver. They provide a sense of class and sophistication to your home, allowing you to live comfortably as well as display your personal style. Discover how local designers contribute to the Palmetto Bluff community as you read on.


About Lowcountry Interior Design Aesthetic


When you style the interior of your home, you need to consider the architectural elements that will help make the design come to life. Palmetto Bluff features predominantly Lowcountry, antebellum style architecture. It mimics the comfort and flow of a southern lifestyle. This type of architecture is typically traditional, simple, and practical, while offering subtle elements of contemporary design.


Lowcountry homes, sometimes referred to as porches with attached homes, include several traditional elements, such as enclosed decks, screened-in porches, sun rooms, and shutters. With natural light and views, the interior of the home is brightened and showcases the coastal vibe of the southern plains.


Intriguingly, haint blue ceilings have emerged as a traditional option for porch ceilings over the years. However, there is some folklore surrounding this choice, as blue was believed to shield homes from evil. These traditions have been maintained in many homes and the interiors have been configured to reflect a modern farmhouse aesthetic.


The following interior design styles are complementary to Lowcountry architecture and can be seen throughout the Palmetto Bluff community.


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Modern Farmhouse Style


Houses with wraparound verandas and French columns are ideal for the contemporary, minimal farmhouse design. With wrought iron accents and comfortable furniture, it incorporates salvaged and reclaimed materials to create an old world charm. Most often, wide plank flooring is used in this style to open up the space and provide an airy feeling. Straight lines lend a structured and sophisticated appeal to this type of interior. As well as vintage accessories, the home is decorated with an eclectic flair in order to foster a cohesive atmosphere.


Contemporary Bungalow Style


Cottages and smaller spaces with less square footage can benefit from the contemporary bungalow style that is warm, inviting, and romantic. A modern cottage may have a larger area and may vary in size, however its main objective is to focus on functionality while bringing out natural aspects of the landscape. A variety of earth tones are often used for walls, with dark wood to highlight doorways and windows.


Unlike farmhouse style, which is characterized by straight lines, this style is characterized by a geometric theme. In this eclectic coastal design, stained glass windows are used to highlight the arts and crafts style accents.


Our vision at Palmetto Bluff is to utilize natural elements in design in order to achieve a Lowcountry charm. Discover how to incorporate natural elements into your home by reading our blog.


5 Local Interior Designers to Consider for Your Next Project


The most important considerations when selecting an interior designer are the designer’s location, their style, and their ability to incorporate your vision into theirs while also enhancing it. Among the designers and studios in Palmetto Bluff, there are four that stand out. These award-winning, renowned interior designers have helped cultivate creativity in many homes in the Bluff and bring forth the perfect amount of showmanship. Here are some designers who understand what it means to provide luxury design, care, and service, as well as embody the Lowcountry flair.


1. Lisa Furey Interiors


Lisa Furey Interiors, otherwise known as LFI, has been one of the most acclaimed interior design firms in the Lowcountry for the past decade. Some of the top design magazines and blogs have featured them, including Modern Farmhouse Style and Southern Living. The firm has also won national and international awards such as HGTV’s 2017 Faces of Design award in the international category. For more than a decade, LFI has been providing exceptional services and delivering remarkable results in the Lowcountry.


Lisa Furey is no stranger to Palmetto Bluff homes as she has designed her own within the community. Her design focus is on creating livable luxury, which emphasizes the importance of functionality and comfort in the layout. She embodies the barefoot designer approach and provides down-to-earth service. A barefoot approach emphasizes simplicity, ease of maintenance, and tactile materials, and Lisa is an expert in this regard.


Aside from the principle methods of interior design, LFI is also available for space planning, project management and coordination, and exterior design​​.


2. Shelley Wilkins


Throughout Palmetto Bluff, Shelley Wilkins‘ work can be admired as she is the primary choice for renovating local shops and restaurants. The functional coastal style she creates can be applied to both commercial buildings and homes to achieve a complete engulfment of the modern farmhouse look. Shelley began operating in Palmetto Bluff in 2017 and has since served residents from the surrounding communities. In addition, her work has appeared on Design Chic and has been described as welcoming, functional, and warm.


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3. Kelly Caron Designs


As one of the leading architects for Lowcountry design and appeal, Kelly Caron Designs focuses on residential and commercial construction, remodels, and project management. For years, Kelly has worked in the industry and specialized in bringing life and color into southern coastal homes. Her background in technology and her American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) certification makes her an expert at integrating functionality into architectural structures, which is a key feature of Lowcountry style.


Award-winning designs and many accolades highlight the firm’s ability to blend natural elements with authenticity. They have been featured in House Beautiful and Country Living publications. Kelly has designed many homes in Palmetto Bluff and her aesthetic has been called a new vanguard. Her vision is evident in these homes, and in addition to offering interior design services, Kelly Caron offers resort wear garments through her company Kelly Curon Curated. You can flaunt your southern charm and style in these garments as you present your newly designed home to the world.


4. Southern Grace Interiors


With a multi-faceted approach to interior design, Southern Grace Interiors is a leader in Palmetto Bluff’s styling. In recognition of their uncanny ability to transform any house, large or small, into a southern coastal dream, Montage Palmetto Bluff named them the official interior designer for its signature residences. The firm has been featured in renowned magazines, sites, and blogs such as Houzz and Home Design & Decor.


Founder Mikaelah Seifrit’s 16-year career has allowed her to explore nearly every aspect and discipline of interior design. Because of her experiences in sales, merchandising, and real estate, she understands the design process from start to finish. She and her husband even co-owned a real estate company in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Mikaylah is passionate about her work, and at the end of the day, she wants everyone to have access to beautiful home designs.


In addition to Southern Grace Interiors, they also operate a sister company, Grace Home Decor, which specializes in home furnishing and textiles. Its location in Bluffton makes it easy to consult with designers and be able to visualize specific furnishings all in one place. The showroom features accents and accessories backed by the leading designers at the company, which will add the perfect touch to any home.


5. Anne Pappas Interiors


Anne Pappas, founder of Anne Pappas Interiors, has excelled in both international and domestic interior design for over a decade. As the leader of the four-woman design team based in Savannah, Anne Pappas has earned accolades and awards that are testament to her hard work, dedication, and adaptability in both residential and commercial projects. Her expertise has been applied to both large-scale projects and more refined ones through collaboration and innovation. She also possesses the communication skills and seamless processes required to meet the needs of clients locally and internationally.


Many renowned magazines have featured the firm, such as Bluffton Today, The Coastal Buzz, and LUX Lifestyle. Besides covering the forefront of interior design, they also have a sister company called Abode Fine Home Staging that decorates homes with luxury accents and furnishings to sell quicker as well as a retail showroom located downtown Bluffton. By providing innovative, mold-breaking designs, Anne Pappas has become the exclusive staging company for the Crescent communities at Palmetto Bluff because she embodies the elegant, coastal vernacular style that dominates the Lowcountry.


Design Your Interior Before You Build


Whether you are renovating or starting from scratch, hiring an interior designer can be very beneficial. A construction consultation can help you achieve the results you want and avoid mistakes that could cost you money. During the process of building a home, designers can assist you in defining your vision before the foundation is laid. By starting from the ground up, the design elements can better correspond to architectural features for a seamless aesthetic.


We at Palmetto Bluff work with contractors and designers to realize the vision of your Lowcountry home. The assistance of local designers can transform a homesite into a coastal dream. It is their goal to help you every step of the way to ensure your home is filled with southern charm. Click the button below to subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date on all the happenings in the Bluff.



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