Palmetto Bluff architecture

Palmetto Bluff draws upon the architectural and landscape traditions that shaped the Lowcountry region.

We build on this tradition to develop contemporary interpretations and details that incorporate sustainable concepts. This tradition is the result of a variety of cultural influences (English, French and German) that are well suited to the area with regard to climate and the use of local materials.

The Lowcountry style is generally characterized as having the following main elements and design philosophies.

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At Palmetto Bluff, we believe home is more than a place. It is a portal to the memories that matter, the magnetic pull of something familiar, the protector of a life well lived. From close-knit cottages to the privacy of quiet paths cloaked in live oaks, there is a home for you here. Our real estate offerings are as diverse as the land itself. Those who value or need privacy often gravitate to our country neighborhoods, while others are drawn to the vibrancy and community afforded by our town neighborhoods. Find your way home.