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The Top 5 Places to Go Fishing in the Lowcountry

Written by Palmetto Bluff

Feb 21, 2023

Your Guide to the Best Lowcountry Fishing Spots

Some of the world's top fishing spots are found in the Lowcountry — and it doesn't come as a surprise. South Carolina is a phenomenal place to cast a line for many reasons. Freshwater lakes, marshes close to the shore, and the Atlantic Ocean are all brimming with opportunities for Lowcountry fishing. With numerous lakes, rivers, canals, and reservoirs around the state, you will undoubtedly find a location for an enjoyable day of fishing.

Anglers travel throughout the Lowcountry searching for the best fishing spots to reel a perfect catch. Lucky for you, we've made it easy by compiling a guide to the best Lowcountry fishing spots. Continue reading to discover where you may take your next fishing trip.

1. Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park, Beaufort

There is no better spot to relax on the Charleston Harbor while casting a line than Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park. This public park is directly on the marina and offers breathtaking views of the waters along with cultivated flowers, an amphitheater, a playground, and waterfront dining spaces.

Getting outside and enjoying nature is easy at this popular trout fishing spot. Catch an early South Carolina sunrise, sit in a cozy chair, and test your luck by dropping a line off the coast. The Charleston Harbor is home to many diverse fish species, including trout and whiting, as well as sharks and other saltwater species — so you’re bound to have a bountiful catch!

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2. Mount Pleasant Pier, Charleston

The Mount Pleasant Pier also offers breathtaking views of Charleston Harbor and the Intracoastal Waterway. As a shallow-water hotspot for flounder, whiting, bluefish, redfish, sea trout, crabs, and shrimp, you may have enough fresh catches for a Lowcountry boil!

The best time to go to this Lowcountry fishing spot is during high tide when the water creeps into the flats and grass. However, if you go at low tide, try going towards the end of Mount Pleasant's Old Village at the Pitt Street Bridge. This spot is a favorite among locals looking to reel in flounder, whiting, redfish, and sea trout.

3. Cherry Grove Pier, Myrtle Beach

Fish of all kinds, including bluefish, red drum, pompano, and sea trout, are drawn to the aquatic life that clings to the structures of the 985-foot North Myrtle Beach pier at Cherry Grove. When fishing at the Cherry Grove Pier, it is best suggested that anglers toss their baits into the sea and let them float with the tide. Doing so will ensure you get a great catch!

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4. Jarvis Creek Park, Hilton Head

The 11-acre freshwater lake serves as a Lowcountry fishing hub at Jarvis Creek Park. This man-made pond is populated with bluegill and largemouth fish; however, due to the catch-and-release policy, you must return any fish you reel in. Jarvis Creek Park is ideal for a family fishing trip due to its close access to all the park's activities, including a playground and picnic area! Although if you wish for a more solitary fishing journey, we recommend you stay on the outskirts of the waters near the overhanging trees and shrubbery.

5. Calhoun Street Fishing Pier, Bluffton

Alongside Wright Family Park is the Calhoun Street Fishing Pier. Boaters and fishers enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding salt marshes. Not only are these waters home to whitings, red drums, and trout — some have even spotted dolphins and manatees! Although the pier is very quiet and serene, a couple of feet away is Old Town Bluffton, full of dining options, art galleries, and shops. You'll want a place to relax after a long day of fishing in the Lowcountry!

Cast a Line at Palmetto Bluff

Whether you are an expert angler or a first-time fisherman, the Lowcountry offers the most extraordinary fishing experiences. From inshore and nearshore charters to flats and family fishing to private kayak fishing, Palmetto Bluff is an angler's paradise!

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