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Exploring the May River in South Carolina

Written by Palmetto Bluff

Aug 1, 2022

May River: Activities and Adventures

South Carolina offers an abundance of opportunities to explore the charming Lowcountry landscapes and waterways. The Palmetto Bluff experience will create memories to last a lifetime. Linking the Bluff to the Atlantic Ocean, the May River offers a collection of water opportunities to experience the true beauty of the Palmetto State.

Discover another vantage point of the Lowcountry with these five activities. on the May River in South Carolina during your visit to Palmetto Bluff.

1. Dolphin Tour

    Natural performers of the sea, dolphins are one of the most majestic aquatic creatures to see in the Lowcountry waterways. . Although spotting dolphins in the wild can sometimes be tricky, a private dolphin tour gives you the best chance! There is a pure sense of joy, and lasting memories that comes with seeing these creatures in their natural habitat. A typical dolphin tour usually lasts around two hours winding through the river bends. While on a dolphin tour, you will most likely be able to see them up close to the vessel as they enjoy swimming alongside the boat's wake. Book a dolphin tour as part of your Palmetto Bluff trip!

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    2. Fishing and Crabbing

      Relax and unwind with one of the world’s most popular water sports. Bait fishing and fly fishing are among the main types of fishing that anglers partake in on the May River. Bait fishing is mostly done from the shoreline or on a boat, while fly-fishing involves wading in the water, while utilizing artificial lures and sweeping motions to cast longer distances. Keep in mind that the larger fish typically are located off the shore in the larger parts of the river which can be accessed by boat. Your next trip to Palmetto Bluff will be a great time to book a fishing tour for your and your guests.

      Another popular Lowcountry family-friendly activity is crabbing. A favorite to locals, crabbing is an interactive way to be on the waters of the May River and find your next catch of the day. This form of fishing is great for all ages and can teach new skills to anyone on board. Many boats have a limit to how many passengers they can hold so make sure you check before booking a trip. From placing the bait to throwing in the baskets, crabbing is an excursion to book when you visit Palmetto Bluff.

      3. Kayaking and Paddleboarding

        Kayaking or paddleboarding may be the perfect choice for those looking for a more laid-back excursion. Whether you want to rent your own or book a guided tour, kayaking provides an up-close view of the marshes and estuaries that surround the May River. Many enjoy a leisurely paddle through the Lowcountry, while others may bring a fishing line to see what critters they can catch along their paddle. Kayaking can be done throughout the day giving special views in the morning and night if you prefer to go on a sunrise or sunset trip. You may even see a dolphin along the way!

        Stand-up paddleboarding has become a popular hobby across the world. This activity will allow you to embark on a May River adventure and even get a workout in. While it may seem challenging to get up onto the board, one can truly master it in a short span of time with the proper balance. An introduction course is also offered if you want to learn the basics to be a confident paddler. Paddleboarding is similar to kayaking in that you can easily explore many of the smaller locations along the river making for a great day out on the water.

        4. Private and Historic Boat Tours

          Explore the Lowcountry on Palmetto Bluff’s luxurious Hinckley Picnic Boat, Miranda. This 6 passenger boat is perfect to explore the Beaufort Waterfront, to Harbour Town, Daufuskie and River Street. Other vessels to cruise along the may river are available for exploring these destinations along the waterways. Spend a day on the water water skiing or tubing with the team at Outside Palmetto Bluff or book a private charter to customize how you and the family explore the area on and around the May River.

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          5. May River Sandbar

          Located just East of Palmetto Bluff is the May River sandbar. Accessible by any watercraft, this small sandy island comes and goes with the ebb and flow of the May River currents. Accessible when the water reaches low tide, e sandbar is a great place to anchor near and spend time with your friends and family. Even with multiple water crafts docked on the sandbar, you will feel as though you are laying by the shoreline. During your beach day, be sure to bring games like bocce or corn hole to play with new friends. Everyone that travels to this unique stomping ground truly feels the sense of fun and excitement it exudes.

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