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Buying a Home Near Hilton Head? Consider Palmetto Bluff

Written by Palmetto Bluff

Mar 28, 2022

Get to Know the Lifestyle: Palmetto Bluff vs. Hilton Head

A resort town off the coast of South Carolina, Hilton Head is a popular seaside escape. With plenty of adventure to be had, it has remained a must-see destination for decades. However, if you’re looking for an authentic Lowcountry experience — one with a bit more scenery and a slower-paced lifestyle — Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton, SC more than fits the bill.

When looking for a home on Hilton Head, buyers often turn to Palmetto Bluff, the region’s vibrant, yet easygoing counterpart. With its own unique perks in addition to its proximity to Hilton Head, the Bluff is a wonderful place to call home. Continue reading to learn more.

8 Reasons to Consider Life in Palmetto Bluff

1. Bluffton’s Historic Charm

    Since its incorporation in 1852, the town of Bluffton has managed to preserve its historic charm. It contains several districts, including a National Register Historic District and a thriving arts scene. At its core, the town possesses a tremendous amount of southern hospitality. Palmetto Bluff homeowners and visitors alike feel welcome in Bluffton, and that’s just one of its many charms.

    In comparison to Hilton Head, the community feels smaller and closer-knit. As Bluffton receives fewer visitors per year, it is more of a small-town destination than a vacation hot spot. Homeowners who wish to live somewhere with a unique, off-the-beaten-path charm will find Bluffton very appealing.

    2. True Lowcountry Culture

      Bluffton’s historic beauty has been shaped by its native roots — as are the grounds at Palmetto Bluff. The Lowcountry’s soul can be felt throughout, from the architecture to the oak trees that line the streets. It’s said that the May River and its bluffs have witnessed more battles than you can imagine. The area’s well-documented history dates back to the 1800s — though its soils had been long inhabited by indigenous peoples who occupied the area in the 1400s.

      The Lowcountry offers scenic landscapes, excellent cuisine, and a beautiful mix of cultures that captivate. As is the case for most southern states, oysters, crabs, and shrimp dominate the food scene. In addition, you can see references to the enduring Gullah culture and traditional Antebellum era.

      3. Central Location with Privacy

        Palmetto Bluff’s location off the coast allows easy access to destinations such as Hilton Head Island, Beaufort, and Savannah. One of the greatest benefits, however, is the privacy it affords. In the midst of the May River and surrounding marshes, homeowners can still enjoy the southern culture and coastal lifestyle in a more private and less populated environment. Bluffton’s location is ideal for those who value the natural environment and enjoy the area’s small-town feel.

        4. Elevated Coastal Architecture

          In comparison to other coastal towns, homes at the Bluff boast fine details that fully represent the story of the Lowcountry. From metal roofs to spacious porches, nature is once again the guiding force in the architecture at Palmetto Bluff. Elegant homes offer a part- or full-time escape for the luxury homeowner looking for a unique residence. Additional features such as open floor concepts and guest cottages ensure your time at the Bluff is filled with comfort and relaxation.

          View current listings for a peek at how Palmetto Bluff’s architecture differs from buying a home in Hilton Head.

          5. Dedication to Conservation

            Across Palmetto Bluff, the land is kept wild in order to make the most of the natural setting. From sweeping marshland to grassy-edged creeks, the landscape is dramatic and moving. The rich ecosystems support a variety of wildlife, both on land and in the water.

            Conservation entities such as the Palmetto Bluff Conservancy work to protect and preserve the Bluff’s beauty and wildlife. At Palmetto Bluff, nature is at the forefront of everything. There are two archeologists on-site and a team of conservationists ensuring that the land and its history shape the community’s past, present, and future.

            6. Waterway Access

              There are endless opportunities to get out on the water in Bluffton, just as there are in Hilton Head. With its many winding creeks that branch off from the May, Cooper and New Rivers, there is no shortage of adventure to be had — especially at the Bluff.

              Palmetto Bluff residents partake in water sports such as stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking, boating, sailing, fishing, crabbing, and wildlife viewing. Boaters have access to numerous deep water access points for navigating the Intracoastal Waterway, rivers, creeks, or the open sea.

              7. Dedicated Community Members

                In addition to its historic charm, Bluffton residents are friendly and welcoming. Those looking for a beautiful coastal town to live in will look forward to each stage of life here, from raising children to retirement.

                At Palmetto Bluff, members enjoy their community wholeheartedly, from playing golf with neighbors to participating in regular social events. As a community, the Bluff creates authentic Lowcountry experiences that connect like-minded residents with each other, with guests, and with the local community to foster opportunities for sincere interactions between people.

                8. Exclusive Amenities

                  Palmetto Bluff undoubtedly enhances the Lowcountry experience. Homeowners are able to take advantage of some of the lushest areas along the May River, as well as tidal creeks, marshes, and the Inland Waterway.

                  A variety of additional amenities are available. For example, Montage Palmetto Bluff is a premier gathering place for community members and their guests. Whether guests are staying here or residents want to relax after a day on the water or around town, this is the perfect place to recharge. Meanwhile, the May River Golf Course is a popular place for residents to practice their swing and enjoy a round of golf. A number of community-centric events are also created for residents and visitors alike, such as the Artist in Residence series.

                  Life at Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton

                  Those interested in buying a home in Hilton Head ought to consider the splendor that is Palmetto Bluff. While both locales offer wonderful experiences, each has a distinct feel. It’s up to you to determine which lifestyle is best suited for you.

                  The biggest difference between the two occurs at the intersection of land and community. In accordance with the community’s development agreement, no more than 4,000 homes can be built in its 20,000 unspoiled acres. That is the promise to you, the nature lover at heart. Click below for a closer look at Palmetto Bluff’s lifestyle.

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