Exploring the May River in South Carolina

May River: Activities and Adventures South Carolina offers an abundance of opportunities to explore the charming Lowcountry landscapes and waterways. The Palmetto Bluff experience will create memories to last a lifetime. Linking the Bluff to the Atlantic Ocean, the May River offers a collection of water opportunities to experience the true beauty of the […]

What’s New at Palmetto Bluff

  It’s been a year since Palmetto Bluff was acquired by South Street Partners, the largest owner and operator of private club residential and resort communities in the Southeast. And what a year it’s been.     This picturesque community has been infused with a new vitality. Recognizing the growing demands for community enhancements at […]

Set Sail with the Ladies of the Bluff: Miranda, Estelle & Grace

Naming a sea vessel is an important tradition, and the boats at Palmetto Bluff are no different. The majority of vessels are named after significant female figures: either a tribute to an important woman in the captain’s life or a historical figure—not only to pay homage, but with the idea of safety and protection. […]


It’s the end of the world as we know it… and I don’t feel fine. December 31, 1999. The world stands on the precipice of the much-hyped Y2K millennial shift. I, however, stand on the bow of a flats skiff staked out on a channel pass in Belize waiting for one of the most elusive […]

In Memory of Captain Herb Rennard

A Charlestonian and former commercial fisherman, Captain Herb Rennard had a vast knowledge of the sea, and he loved his role as boat captain of the Grace. Upon hearing of Captain Herb Rennard‘s passing earlier this month, we went back through years of photo and video footage and realized Herb “starred” in so much of […]

May River Excursions

With 32 miles of waterfront, Palmetto Bluff contains a plethora of creeks, waterways, and unknown territories waiting to be explored. Led by interpretive naturalist guides and U.S. Coast Guard-licensed captains, we offer several opportunities to learn about the nature and environment here at Palmetto Bluff. Immerse yourself in the history, natural beauty, and ecology that […]

Stand-Up Paddleboarding in the Lowcountry

southern coastal homes

Though many mistakenly think that the sport of stand-up paddling originated in the Polynesian Islands centuries ago, it is relatively new. Yes, there were probably Tahitian fishermen standing up in outrigger canoes to search for fish, but the sport essentially started as a result of post-World War II tourism in Hawaii, more specifically Waikiki, when […]

Retail Therapy / Ship’s Store

One of the best ways to truly understand and explore the natural majesty of the Bluff is from the wide, open waters of the May River. Driven by the rise and fall of the tides, the May River is one of the cleanest, most beautiful rivers in the Lowcountry. And it is brimming with fish […]

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