Behind the Bluff with Marina Captain: Thomas Shanahan

wilson landing

Meet Captain Tom of Palmetto Bluff’s Wilson Landing  In the tranquil embrace of Bluffton’s Lowcountry, where rivers wind their way through nature’s masterpiece, an extraordinary tale unfolds at Wilson Landing of Palmetto Bluff. The story belongs to Captain Thomas Shanahan — a man who shares a love for the water, the community it creates, and […]

Experience Health and Happiness By Living on the Coast

coastal living

5 Health Benefits of Coastal Living Did you know that life by the coast is not only the most idyllic way to live, but it also improves your health? All in all, coastal living is a rejuvenating experience for the mind, body, and soul. From the cool, salty breeze to the warm sun shining against […]

The Top 5 Beaches to Visit Near Palmetto Bluff

best southern beaches

Your Guide to the Best Southern Beaches When it comes to pristine beaches and breathtaking coastal beauty, the southern region of the United States is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Nestled near the charming community of Palmetto Bluff, a coastal paradise in South Carolina, are some of the best southern beaches. In this […]

The Top 5 Places to Go Fishing in the Lowcountry

Your Guide to the Best Lowcountry Fishing Spots Some of the world’s top fishing spots are found in the Lowcountry — and it doesn’t come as a surprise. South Carolina is a phenomenal place to cast a line for many reasons. Freshwater lakes, marshes close to the shore, and the Atlantic Ocean are all brimming […]

Behind the Bluff with Marina Director: Stephan Szymanski

An Inside Look at the Wilson Landing Marina at Palmetto Bluff The Wilson Landing marina serves as a gateway to the rolling streams that engulf Palmetto Bluff. Originally constructed as a dry storage facility in 2004, this remarkable amenity has significantly increased its offerings. Today, Palmetto Bluff members can explore the Wilson Landing marina, led […]

Which Has the Better Beach: Myrtle or Hilton Head?

Deciding Between Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach With so many beautiful beaches in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, it can be hard to choose which one you’d like to make your vacation destination. All beaches are not the same, especially Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach, and it’s important to consider what you value as […]

Exploring the May River in South Carolina

May River: Activities and Adventures South Carolina offers an abundance of opportunities to explore the charming Lowcountry landscapes and waterways. The Palmetto Bluff experience will create memories to last a lifetime. Linking the Bluff to the Atlantic Ocean, the May River offers a collection of water opportunities to experience the true beauty of the […]

What’s New at Palmetto Bluff

  It’s been a year since Palmetto Bluff was acquired by South Street Partners, the largest owner and operator of private club residential and resort communities in the Southeast. And what a year it’s been.     This picturesque community has been infused with a new vitality. Recognizing the growing demands for community enhancements at […]

Set Sail with the Ladies of the Bluff: Miranda, Estelle & Grace

Naming a sea vessel is an important tradition, and the boats at Palmetto Bluff are no different. The majority of vessels are named after significant female figures: either a tribute to an important woman in the captain’s life or a historical figure—not only to pay homage, but with the idea of safety and protection. […]

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