Palmetto Bluff Preserved: Cataloging Artifacts Found at the Bluff

History is the fabric of our community, and with the help of our on-site archaeologists, Dr. Mary Socci and Katie Epps, we’re expanding what we know about those who came before us. And as you can expect, with over 20,000 acres, this research takes time. Through the efforts of the Palmetto Bluff Conservancy, Dr. […]

Explore the Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge

Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge: A Visitors Guide When it comes to going outdoors and enjoying nature, the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge provides the ideal setting. It is a natural oasis that offers a wide range of activities and a number of opportunities to engage with nature. The picturesque scenery will engulf you and […]

In the Field: August Eye to the Sky

July was a hot month at Palmetto Bluff, and I am not surprised that bird sightings were few and far between. The cool temperatures of an air-conditioned building were too enticing for many people, including me! However, those who were brave enough to venture outdoors spent a lot of time on or around the water, […]

In the Field: July Eye to the Sky

Throughout May and June, my eyes were not to the sky as my wife and I were busy welcoming our own little songbird into the world. Thankfully, we had residents and researchers who observed the busy bird life around Palmetto Bluff during the early summer months. The global big day is an international citizen […]

In the Field: April Eye to the Sky

Don’t forget to download the April bird checklist! Click here or scroll to the bottom for this month’s guide. “Trilllllllpip… Trilllllllpip…” Did you hear that? That was the sound of a northern parula! They are a small warbler species that breeds throughout the eastern United States and Canada, but they spend the winter in […]

In the Field: March Eye to the Sky

February was a fickle month this year and could not decide if it was going to be hot or cold. Depending on what day someone participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count, they may have been in shorts and a t-shirt or they could have been in a thick jacket. For those unfamiliar with the […]

In the Field: February Eye to the Sky

Did you hear a chickadee singing in January? I used to believe that birds singing in the winter were just confused by a brief warm spell and thought spring had sprung, but I was wrong. Some songbirds begin pairing up and finding mates before the spring breeding season even begins! Carolina chickadee’s four-note songs were […]

From Dusk to Dawn: Bats in the Winter

What do bats in South Carolina do in the winter? The winter activities of southeastern bats are as diverse as the bats themselves. If you are in the habit of looking at the Lowcountry sky at dusk, you may have noticed fewer bats fluttering about when temperatures cool. This begs the question, “where do […]

In the Field: January Eye to the Sky

December 15th was the perfect day for the 2021 Christmas Bird Count. The weather was cool and sunny with little wind to affect bird activity. This year’s count started off with a bang as the Palmetto Bluff team snuck out to the Duck Pond before first light and witnessed almost 150 wood ducks take off […]

From Dusk to Dawn: 2021 Recap

Throughout this monthly series, we’ve learned about Palmetto Bluff Conservancy Research + Education Coordinator Lydia Moore’s important work researching and studying the bats of the Bluff. We’ve dispelled myths, learned about their vital global ecological role (hint: in the United States along, bats provide a free pesticide service valued at an annual amount of $23 […]

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