Our 2022 Artists in Residence

Apr Apr 1 thru Apr 22

Shannon Whitworth

Painter and musician Shannon Whitworth lives in a renovated farmhouse with her husband and young son in the mountains of North Carolina. In the early 2000s, Whitworth toured and recorded with the iconic bluegrass band The Biscuit Burners, sharing lead vocals and playing the guitar and banjo. After two critically acclaimed albums with the band, Whitworth released three solo albums and a duets album. Like her music, her visual art is anchored in the dual landscapes that have informed her aesthetic: the mountains of North Carolina and the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Whitworth’s paintings have found homes with a stable of interior designers across the South, and her work has been featured in galleries and in private collections around the country.

May May 18 thru May 21

Brandon Price

Brandon Price is glass artist and educator based in Savannah, GA. His newest venture, Blown Studios, is quickly becoming the premier source for glass art and instruction in the Southeast. An Ohio native, Brandon’s work is a culmination of his studies and performances in glass studios around the US, where he has worked within private institutions, such as Jacksonville University, the Toledo Museum of Art and Disney’s Magic Kingdom. His work is inspired by traditional Venetian forms with the use of modern color palettes. His work has expanded into sculpting sea life inspired by the Atlantic coastal regions since moving to the Southeast which he now calls home.

Jun Jun 22 thru Jun 25

Jess Nicoles + Erik Holmberg

Jess and Erik met on the internet. But not the way you're thinking. They struck a chord of mutual appreciation on, of all platforms, Instagram, when Erik was only making wallets and Jess was still running a men's neckwear brand. Eventually, a time came when restaurant managing had run its course for Jess, and Erik needed an experienced sewist to help him take his brand to the next level, so the J. Stark you know now was born. The two discovered quickly that their mutual vision for the company was made ever better by their own collaboration. Greater still were the ideas that blossomed with the help of their talented staff. More than just a wife-and-husband team, this is a crew of music lovers and foodies and philanthropists and creatives who work well together to make this brand the best it can be.

At its core, J. Stark is a bag and luggage brand. They make timeless, sturdy things that will be carried with you for a lifetime. And they keep their designs simple. They don’t put a pocket where a pocket doesn’t belong. The result is a product that is aesthetically minimalistic and highly functional.

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Jul Jul 13 thru Jul 16

Ben Ross

For Ben Ross, a love of nature runs deep. A native of Columbia, South Carolina, he began his career in the corporate world before finding his voice as a designer. His signature feather bow tie was initially created as a gift for groomsman on his wedding day. Since then, the colorful, artisanal accessory has become a fashion favorite for celebrities including Cam Newton, Bill Murray, Blake Lively, Ted Danson, Andy Samberg, and Don Cheadle. As the creative mind behind Brackish, Ben’s imaginative approach has allowed for new production techniques, interesting materials, and innovative product categories. When not crafting original designs, Ben can be found exploring with his two sons, passing along his love for the beauty one can only find in the great outdoors.

Aug Aug 10 thru Aug 13

Mary Landrum Pyron

A five-year adventure in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, launched a deep love of the American West for Mississippi native Mary Landrum Pyron. There, she studied custom fashion and western style hat making before bringing her passion for the art back to her southern hometown. Today, as the sole custom hat maker in Mississippi, she believes a great hat should not only be functional but serve as an extension of one’s personal style, as well. Working from the loft of her family’s rustic antique barn, she creates designs that tell every client’s story through individual shape, crease, brim, band, and burns. Additionally, she weaves personal elements into each creation to make each hat a treasured, wearable heirloom.

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Sep Sep 14 thru Sep 17

Blakely Little

Charleston-based Blakely Little’s passion as a painter comes from a life-long desire to create. A childhood spent sailing and boating in Annapolis, Maryland, informs much of her current work, and art school in Italy allowed her to fine tune her artistic style. Since launching Blakely Made in 2014, her work has been featured in Southern Living, Country Living, Art Mag, Us, and more. In addition she has enjoyed fruitful partnerships with Anthropologie and Farrow & Ball. Of the joy she finds in her work, Blakely says, “Some paint on a canvas creates a shared experience between you, the viewer, and me, the artist. This connection compels me to paint the way I see the world: full of color in unlikely places.”

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Oct Oct 5 thru Oct 8

Marcus Amaker

Marcus Amaker is the first Poet Laureate of Charleston, South Carolina and a recipient of the state’s Governor’s Arts Award, as well as an Academy of American Poets fellow. A modern-day Renaissance Man, he’s also an electronic musician, an opera librettist, a graphic designer, and mentor to students. His poetry has been recognized by The Kennedy Center, The Washington Post, American Poets Magazine, The Washington National Opera, NPR, The Chicago Tribune, and many other publications. Marcus has recorded three albums with a Grammy award-winning drummer and producer and contributed a poem to a Grammy-nominated album. He has written nine books, the latest, Black Music, is now available from Free Verse Press.

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Nov Nov 9 thru Nov 12

Teresa Roche

Teresa Roche is a mixed media artist and the owner of Greenville, South Carolina’s Art & Light Gallery. Her appreciation of the fine arts and design worlds lead to the merging of the two in her own work. Today, she creates fabric and wallcoverings inspired by her paintings. Teresa’s designs translate as well in a nursery as they do in a gentleman’s study, through a satisfying crush of color and texture–at once playful and controlled. With her pillow, fabric, and wallcovering collections, she has procured a coveted spot on The List, House & Garden’s prestigious global directory of design professionals.

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Dec Dec 7 thru Dec 10

Caroline Harper

French native Caroline Harper’s work reflects a deep appreciation for indigo’s connection to the past and its potential for a bright future. After studying resist-dyeing techniques in Japan, she launched CHI Design Indigo in Columbia, South Carolina. There, she creates intricate textiles using only natural fiber and indigo dye pigment from plants her team grows and processes in South Carolina. She is currently focused on home and fashion design, wedding accessories, Farm-to-Fabric Indigo Harvests and workshops, and developing indigo kits for middle schoolers. Caroline’s work has been featured in Southern Living, Columbia Living Magazine, Turkey Red Journal, and Charleston Magazine, and was granted an American Made designation from Martha Stewart.

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