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Artist in Residence | White Oak Pastures

Written by Palmetto Bluff

Nov 14, 2019

Will Harris, a fourth-generation cattleman of White Oak Pastures, completed his stay in the Artist Cottage as our Artist in Residence for November. White Oak Pastures is a six-generation, 152-year-old family farm in Bluffton, Georgia, that takes pride in farming practices that focus on regenerative land management, humane animal husbandry, and the revitalization of the rural community. Through radically traditional farming, Will Harris and 155-plus workers create products for the land, livestock, and village including meats and leather. The company is proud of its zero-waste production system that makes use of each part of the animals that are pasture-raised and hand-butchered on the farm.

It was a week full of hands-on learning when this cattleman left his 2,500-acre South Georgia farm and moved into our quaint Artist Cottage. Guests enjoyed a Meet+Greet and gallery hours, plus workshops where they learned the benefits of zero-waste agriculture, while crafting salves and candles from humanely gathered tallow, in addition to how to butcher a whole hog.

Check out the recap of Will's stay below.