Architecture & Design // 5 min Read

The People Creating the Place

Written by Anna Jones

Aug 30, 2016

As Moreland Village begins to take shape, there is a great sense of responsibility among those behind the scenes to get things right.

Moreland Village is a place of exploration, connection, escape, and self-discovery. Even though Moreland is the second village to be built at the Bluff, it should feel like it’s always been here. And, in a way, it always has – Moreland was part of a 12,000-acre barony purchased in 1730 by Robert Wright, Chief Justice of South Carolina, and George Lord Anson, a British naval admiral, which was divided and sold in tracts. Each tract would eventually become the plantations that made up Palmetto Bluff as we know it, and one of those plantations was Moreland Plantation. As a prosperous plantation, the owners grew indigo, corn and cotton, and the plantation’s main house was located where the Moreland Landing pavilion sits today.

With a long-standing history of living off of the land at Moreland, the vision for Moreland requires that buildings be subordinate to the superior landscape of the Lowcountry. The owners of antebellum Moreland Plantation positioned their main house on a tucked away cut of the May River to capitalize on its cool, coastal breezes, allowing for outdoor living to be just as comfortable and enjoyable as the indoors. And it should be no different today.

To execute on this tall order, we curated a collection of designers, land planners and architects (rather than working with a single group – which would have been easier, but, easy rarely makes it better or special). We brought together Lake Flato, 4240, and Hart Howerton and balanced that with a strong nod to incredible local and regional to bring together a variety of styles and personalities to create Moreland Village in a way that is both meaningful and authentic.

A blueprint for a house may capture a building’s construction, but what it fails to tell is the story of the people, ideas and collaboration that went in to its creation. And to us, those stories are the most compelling. Meet the vastly creative thinkers and designers behind Moreland Village.