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Behind the Bluff with PBGO Director: Lexi Yager

Written by Palmetto Bluff

Apr 17, 2023

An Inside Look at Palmetto Bluff Children’s Program

Palmetto Bluff, a unique and luxurious community located in the heart of South Carolina's Lowcountry, offers a range of activities for guests of all ages. However, what makes Palmetto Bluff truly special is the array of activities for children that are organized by Lexi Yager, the Children's Director.

Continue reading to discover more about Lexi Yager, how she came to work at the Palmetto Bluff children’s program, and how her passion for children and families has forever made a positive impact on the life of all residents.

Where it Began

Lexi Yager's background in children’s work begins while she’s still in high school — working at a summer camp for kids with disabilities. After working in the organization for six years, she realized then she wanted to work with kids and create an environment that welcomed them, but she wasn’t quite sure what that looked like just yet. During her time at Pittsburg State University, Lexi pursued a degree in therapeutic recreation, hospitality, sports, and park and rec management.

When Lexi and her husband moved to Savannah, GA, she learned about Palmetto Bluff’s children’s program and started working as the Children's Director. This opportunity gave her the creative freedom to rebuild the program. With no team, she helped rebrand the program and worked with her supervisor Loni, who she hired a month after she started, to prepare for the program's launch in just three months. Despite starting from scratch, they successfully built the program from the ground up. A couple months later, Lexi added an attendant, Megan, to the team. Now as a team of three, PBGO is ready to provide the best for Palmetto Bluff kids, their families, and their friends!

Day in the Life

At Palmetto Bluff, Lexi’s day-to-day work involves organizing various activities for children, which can change drastically based on the season. She and her team often come in with a plan for the day, but are drawn in many different directions so they have to be adaptable. For this reason, Lexi has called herself and her team the “Chaos Coordinators”, completely accurate when you’re working with children.

Lexi's favorite part of her job is the creative freedom and working with people. She loves being part of a team and seeing people every day whether that be her team, other coworkers in different departments, or the families of the Bluff. She finds joy in the restructuring of programs and making all activities and events inclusive of everyone. At Palmetto Bluff, she enjoys being able to serve all of the members, and have a place for every family. Lexi takes pride in being able to cater to every family, no matter what. The philosophy of the children’s program at Palmetto Bluff is to welcome everyone with open arms, saying "Come as you are, we are here to adapt to you" — and this is evident in the pillars of PBGO.


At Palmetto Bluff, PBGO is not just a program, it's a way of life. The PBGO (Palmetto Bluff Growing Outdoors) program is centered around five pillars that provide a holistic approach to child development. The first pillar, PB Root, is a support group for parents, recognizing that they are the foundation of their children's lives and ultimately the foundation of Palmetto Bluff. Secondly, PB Sprout, caters to 5-8 year olds, who are curious and excited to experience life as they begin to discover who they are. PB Tide, the third pillar of PBGo, is for 9-12 year olds and encompasses creativity, growth, and change. Next, PB Indigo is for 13-16 year olds and provides a community for teens to be positively influenced by their surroundings. Finally, PB Evergreen is a community for members with disabilities, embracing inclusivity, adaptation, and community. These five pillars ensure that all children and families feel welcome at Palmetto Bluff and have the opportunity to grow and thrive.

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Annual Events

Palmetto Bluff hosts an annual calendar of events for kids, including the highly anticipated PBGO events. The Easter Carnival is one such event, offering rides, mechanical bulls, bungee jumping, face painting, balloon art, and food trucks for all ages to enjoy. In addition to this, there are year-round events for kids, planned around their school schedules. The summer camp is a particular highlight for kids aged five through 14, and kids are allowed to bring guests and family members.

During summer camp, children visit all the departments, such as the Marina, Equestrian Stables, Conservancy, and more. A new addition to their events calendar is Horsepower, which aims to empower those with disabilities through a car show where families can make their own soapbox cars to race and raise money for the Special Olympics. During the holiday season, PBGo will also host an array of events for kids to celebrate. Overall, the PBGo events offer a fantastic opportunity for kids to have fun and learn about the many different departments at Palmetto Bluff!

Meet Lexi Yager at the Bluff

Palmetto Bluff offers an exceptional range of children’s programs for kids of all ages, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and included. As Children’s Director Lexi puts it, "Palmetto Bluff is an amazing place to work with amazing people. I love my job because I get to work with families and kids at all stages of life. I hope when people think of Palmetto Bluff, they think ‘there is a place for me here no matter what stage of life I’m in.’ Palmetto Bluff really cares about their people and is here to adapt to and love every single family."

Whether it's the PBGo events or summer camp, Palmetto Bluff is committed to providing an unforgettable experience for children and families alike. For more information on the programs available, we encourage you to reach out to Palmetto Bluff and start planning your next adventure. Simply click the button below to contact us and learn more!