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Paradise Lost: Hidden Nature Trails in Palmetto Bluff

Written by Palmetto Bluff

Sep 26, 2022

Discover the Magic of Palmetto Bluff Nature Trails

Do you ever get the feeling of wanting to escape and wander lost into a serene paradise? Our many nature trails at Palmetto Bluff afford opportunities to roam and admire the vastness of our 20,000 acres. Throughout the property, pathways connect residential communities to parks, providing opportunities for recreational activities or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll. Palmetto Bluff nature trails can be traveled afoot, on horseback, or cycling through the maritime terrain. Whether you’re searching for a peaceful nature walk or a more strenuous adventure, you will be in awe of Lowcountry beauty as live oaks and cabbage palmettos encompass the grounds.

Palmetto Bluff invites you to meander through our pure, hidden paradise. Continue reading to learn about the many nature trails Palmetto Bluff has to offer.

Old Palmetto Bluff Road Trail

The main crossroads leading into Wilson Village marks the beginning of this nature trail, and sprawls beyond May River Forest and the Headwaters Conservation area towards the Greeters Cottage for 5.4 miles. Its enhanced surface proficiently adapts you to walk, jog, or bike throughout the road trail. The Old Palmetto Bluff Road Trail is lined with two gravel pathways as well as the Sand Hill and Lake Haynes Loops.

River Road Trail

Rough terrain covers this nature trail as it remains unscathed due to the pristine history ladened throughout the grounds. As you venture deeper through the trees, you will find Barge Landing and Moreland Landing — two properties that have endured since the mid-1800s. Although the path is broad, there are numerous opportunities for exploration along its woodsier trailways. Adventurers can witness intimate views of the rivers and wildlife as they stray along the path and perhaps catch a glimpse of the neighborhood American alligators by using the side trails that expand 5.3 miles long.

Long Leaf Pine Trail

This wide and level preserve trail weaves through the pine uplands for 2.9 miles creating an energizing trail for mountain bikers. Property staff spend extra time making sure the path is freshly cut and clear so riders can have a safe and delightful trek. Keep a keen eye out for some of "Big Jay's" turkeys that tend to rove and relish in this environment.

Calder Trail

Twisting and turning through May River Forest, the private golf course, and Calder Park, this trail stretches for 2.8 miles long. Calder Trail highlights a splendid grassy space for ball tossing and frisbee throwing. This trail accommodates you to venture by foot, or bike with your loved ones. On the nature trail, you will see southern magnolias and eastern red cedars spreading over the sea islands.

Old Moreland Trail

The sweeping trail connects the two diverse interpretations of Lowcountry neighborhoods at Palmetto Bluff — Wilson Village and Moreland Village. From the Old Palmetto Bluff pathway, the 10-foot wide asphalt trail travels west to downtown Moreland for 2.6 miles that can be ventured on foot or by bike. Along the way, it sweeps through walkways, shell paths, and expansive vistas of Cauley's Creek.

Wilson Village Trail

Wilson Village Trail passes through historical, lush greenery and includes paved sidewalks and gravel trails along the 2.2-mile stretch. Although the path is shorter, you will find shopping attractions as you meander throughout the village allowing you to turn a fast-paced trail into a long, winding stroll. It is a refreshing place to run, walk or cycle due to its views of charming Lowcountry homes and breathtaking landscapes.

Maritime Loop

This preserve trail is a short 1-mile loop that borders the inland waterway while crossing a shallow creek. All explorers will enjoy this stunning coastal forest habitat as it homes a mix of southern magnolias, magical red oak trees, and the fragrant eastern red cedar. Take pleasure in the verdant environment nearby evergreen wetlands that make the Lowcountry so unique. While you roam, be on the lookout for several different species of birds and majestic white-tailed deer as they gander through the countryside.

Wander Home to Palmetto Bluff

One of the most beautiful and wild places in the South Carolina Lowcountry, the Bluff has been known to a select few for more than a century. As we grow to fulfill our conservation vision, Palmetto Bluff provides nature-driven programs to educate and raise awareness about the Lowcountry's ecological and cultural areas. With preservation in mind, the Bluff offers the best outdoor pursuits. In addition to our monthly programs, we even host endurance races through our maritime forest trails. Our conservationists and guides are passionate about sharing their love for our little piece of paradise. For fun and adventure on the water, on the marsh, and in the woods, there’s no place like Palmetto Bluff. Simply click the button below to get in contact with us and begin planning your visit.