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J. Banks Design Exclusive Furniture Packages for The Grove

Written by Palmetto Bluff

Nov 16, 2023

Photography from J. Banks Design

Luxury interior design firm J. Banks and Palmetto Bluff Builders have collaborated to provide an extensive and beautiful design package for the residents of The Grove, Palmetto Bluff’s first neighborhood built-for-sale. With just 12 residences, each offering privacy and courtyard living, The Grove features three unique home plans – The Dogwood, The Loblolly, and The Tupelo – that allow for exquisite interiors tailored to individual styles and preferences. Working in tandem with the Palmetto Bluff Builders team, J. Banks promises to instill each new home at The Grove with unpretentious luxury, laidback sophistication, and comfortable elegance.

Banks Design Style Narratives

Nestled in the heart of Hilton Head Island, J. Banks Design has over 36 years of experience in residential interior design. Professionally curated by Leighann Markalunas Design, The Grove homes have three interior varied design selections: Traditional, Transitional, and Modern. Turnkey selections feature timeless elements such as warm-toned wood floors, natural brick, textured tile, and neutral palettes for a clean Lowcountry backdrop. In alignment with the curated interior design options from Leighann Markalunas Design, J. Banks Design has created three style narratives for furniture packages specific to The Grove including Traditionally Classic, Lowcountry Retreat, and Modern Serene.

Traditionally Classic

As a reflection of Palmetto Bluff, the home will take inspiration from the Lowcountry surroundings, creating a strong sense of place. Classic, refined, yet comfortable and welcoming, the home will highlight traditional style and a classic aesthetic. The interiors will combine a natural color palette with touches of blue and rich detailing of cane, bamboo, and turned wood creating a timeless experience.

Lowcountry Retreat

The home will take inspiration from the May River surroundings highlighting what sets Palmetto Bluff apart as a Lowcountry treasure. Layering in nods to the past, the home will blend a relaxed style with a timeless aesthetic. A natural color palette with touches of greens and rich detailing of reclaimed wood, seagrass and jute accompany traditional elements creating a sense of relaxed ease.

Modern Serene

Highlighting a renewed reflection of Palmetto Bluff that is untamed, the home will take inspiration from the rustic surroundings. Bold and sleek, yet comfortable and welcoming, the home will highlight natural style with a unique contemporary edge. The interiors will combine a neutral color palette highlighting shades of brown and rich detailing of metals, wood, seagrass and natural fibers creating a Modern take on the Lowcountry.

Packages range from houseware packages, linen and towels, art and accessories with original artwork upgrades available, bedroom shutter packages, bedroom drapery packages, and an entire home furnishing package with optional antique upgrades.

Download the full look book here.

Welcome To The Grove

The Grove is in the heart of Moreland Forest and is a true celebration of curated style and courtyard living. Inspired by the tree-covered Lowcountry trails, each homesite has been carefully planned to maximize outdoor living that provide pause, privacy, and a connection to nature. The neighborhood is being created in partnership of acclaimed architects, designers, and an in-house design-build team that pairs custom build quality with built-for-sale simplicity. A streamlined construction process expedites the time between choosing a plan and stepping through your front door. Are you ready to make your dream home in the Lowcountry? Click the button below to view our available homes and homesites.

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