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Celebrating the Sporting Life at Palmetto Bluff
The final jewel in the crown that is the robust event schedule of Palmetto Bluff, the inaugural Field + Fire event joined the Bluff’s busy social calendar from January 19 to 21. As a celebration of the Bluff’s sporting heritage, Field + Fire was a weekend of events that commemorated the long-standing hunting and sporting traditions of the property. From falconry expeditions deep in the Bluff’s maritime forests to fly casting lessons and sporting dog exhibitions on the Village Green, Field + Fire gave members and guests an elevated experience of the illustrious, adventurous life of sporting. Aside from the excursions and activities of the weekend, Field + Fire was anchored by a three-day market in the River House that attracted some of the best and brightest names in sporting equipment, landscape and nature artwork, wildlife photography, handmade jewelry, and more to give guests access to an assembly of high-end items not available anywhere else. We made new friends, learned new tricks (canine and human), and added more memories to our collection of favorite moments at the Bluff. Take a look. Written by Anna Jones Photography by Mark Staff and John Roberts