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How to Decorate Your Coastal Home For Fall

Written by Palmetto Bluff

Sep 2, 2022

4 Ways to Incorporate Coastal Fall Decor into Your Home

If you are planning to decorate your home for fall, you might feel limited to warm colors and chilly weather. Nevertheless, if you live on the coast, you can easily incorporate coastal fall decor into your home and create a festive beach house aesthetic.

Read on to discover the top four coastal fall decor ideas to add to your home during the season.

4 Coastal Fall Decor Ideas

As fall approaches, most people imagine the sweet, warm smell of pumpkin spice and the cozy orange decor that goes with it. A coastal area can further enhance the aesthetic by incorporating a bit of ocean flair for a festive home. The following are five of the best coastal fall decor ideas:

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1. Coastal Color Pallet for Pumpkins

    For the perfect coastal fall style, changing the color palette is one of the easiest ways to achieve the perfect coastal fall design. Choosing pastel colors and coastal hues can make all the difference. This is a fun DIY project that you and your family can participate in. All you need are a few pumpkins, real or decorative. You have a wide range of colors to choose from, but to achieve the ideal coastal fall atmosphere throughout your home, try opting for the following colors:

    • Teal

    • White

    • Green

    • Blue

    These are all ocean-inspired colors, so feel free to use any additional colors that you feel are appropriate and that complement your home's theme.

    2. Fall Scents with Coastal Knicknacks

      A subtle approach to the coastal fall ambiance can be achieved by simply incorporating the aromas of Autumn, without clashing or putting away any decor at the end of the season. Here are some popular fall scents that can be used in your home:

      • Pumpkin Spice

      • Cinnamon

      • French or Spiced Vanilla

      • Cedarwood

      • Apple

      Your coastal fall decor will be set in a warm, inviting atmosphere with these fragrances. With their design and color palette, certain scent holders and incense holders can actually enhance the spirit of fall. This is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your home for the coming season.

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      3. Fall Leaves with Coastal Accents

        Whenever you think of autumn decor themes, the simplicity of fall leaves comes to mind. It is possible to place these leaves anywhere from kitchen table tops to runners and mantels. Adding fall leaves to a coastal theme can really help you transition into autumn if you already have a coastal style throughout your home.

        Your coastal decor can be enhanced with them along the edges without clashing with your established motifs. Place fall leaves and other coastal accents on your mantle if you have one. Your home can easily transition into a new season with this simple trick.

        4. Autumn Plants and Flowers

          As we prepare for the fall season, many people focus on autumnal leaves, however, there are so many other seasonal flowers to choose from as well. You can incorporate the following flowers into your home for a coastal fall theme:

          • Sunflowers

          • Dahlias

          • Mums

          • Berry Vine

          • Orange Roses

          With these flowers, you will feel the warmth of autumn, as well as the cool and tranquility of the coast. Plant arrangements with bright colors can also be incorporated into your coastal fall decor, situated on tables, mantels, bathroom counters and bedroom dressers. If arranged properly and placed in the right vase or container, this can really bring your home to the level of decor that you desire.

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