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Behind the Bluff with Buffalos’ Lead Bartender: Shelby Ehrenreich

Written by Palmetto Bluff

Jul 31, 2023

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All About the New Bar in Buffalos at Palmetto Bluff

Get ready to be wowed by Buffalos at Palmetto Bluff, the latest hot spot in The Bluff community. The restaurant has undergone an extensive renovation, not only to enhance its aesthetic appeal but also to offer guests a new and exciting dining experience. Open to Palmetto Bluff members, Montage Palmetto Bluff guests, and the Bluffton community, Buffalos is ready to serve!

Leading the charge at the bar is Shelby Ehrenreich, the talented and passionate Lead Bartender. In this feature, we delve into Shelby’s background, her journey to Palmetto Bluff, and what sets Buffalos apart from other restaurants. Continue reading to learn more! 

The Path to Mixology Mastery

Shelby’s bartending career began as a college student at Niagara University, where she studied Theater Performance and Communications. Through her experience in various restaurants and bars, Shelby honed her skills and developed a love for bartending. Despite not initially planning to continue in the industry post-graduation, she found herself drawn back to the restaurant scene, where she has gained valuable experience that has led her to Palmetto Bluff.

From Buffalo to Buffalos

A native of Buffalo, New York, Shelby moved to the South Carolina Lowcountry. When she saw the Lead Bartender position at Palmetto Bluff, she knew it was the opportunity she had been seeking. From the moment she arrived for her interview, Shelby was captivated by the grounds’ stunning beauty and peaceful atmosphere, describing it as “a welcoming escape from the chaos outside Palmetto Bluff’s gates.”

buffalos palmetto bluff

Shelby’s time at Palmetto Bluff has been a lesson in Southern hospitality. The diverse community, with people from all over the world, has created a collaborative environment that Shelby loves. As Lead Bartender, she is trusted to bring her own creative vision to the bar, which has led to a tight-knit family dynamic among her colleagues.

Raising the Bar on Bartending 

Shelby believes that the people alone are reason enough for visitors to come to Buffalos. The team has been working tirelessly to ensure that the restaurant is the best it can be, offering new and inventive dishes, handcrafted cocktails, and even a cold station for fresh seafood. The menu will feature farm-to-table cuisine made with the freshest ingredients and local produce from the Palmetto Bluff farm and other partners. 

Shelby’s favorite dish is the fresh, locally sourced oysters paired with her signature cocktail, The Dreamer. This refreshing gin-based drink features botanicals, black tea, butterfly tea blossoms, and edible glitter, with a smoke bubble that releases the aroma of lavender and lemon. The drink’s name is inspired by the old folktale that buffalo sightings in dreams symbolize a new beginning as a sign to keep going and pursue a fresh start — fitting for not only Shelby but Palmetto Bluff as well. 

A Toast to Adventure: Visit Buffalos at Palmetto Bluff 

For Shelby, bartending is more than just a job — it’s a performance. She values the slow mornings she spends with her pets before hitting the ground running at work. As a bartender, she sees herself as a therapist, connecting with people in times of celebration, grief, or just casual conversation. She wants everyone who walks through the doors of Buffalos to feel welcomed and have a memorable experience that will keep them coming back — turning first-time customers into regulars and regulars into members of the family. Shelby believes that the drinks, food, and operations will fall into place, but that personality and performance are always the top priority.

Overall, Buffalos at Palmetto Bluff offers a unique dining experience with a new bar, handcrafted cocktails, fresh and inventive plates, a cold seafood station, and a farm-to-table philosophy using fresh local ingredients. Join us at Buffalos and experience the gracious presence of Southern hospitality while enjoying the peaceful and gorgeous surroundings of Palmetto Bluff. There’s no need to wait — come and be a part of the new beginning at Buffalos by visiting Palmetto Bluff! Click the button below to contact us! 

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