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Bluebird Nest Watch

Written by Palmetto Bluff

Apr 8, 2020

There is a weather proverb that states, “Bluebirds are a sign of spring; warm weather and gentle south breezes they bring,” and this appears to be true at Palmetto Bluff.

As we talked about in our article, A Fine Feathered Nest, March in Beaufort County is when birds - including eastern bluebirds - start building nests and laying eggs. Using pine straw and grass, bluebirds build bowl-style nests in some sort of cavity - a natural cavity (tree) or artificial (birdhouse).

Last week we showed you what was blooming at the Bluff; however, this week brings even more Spring beauty. Over the past few weeks, Jay Walea, Director of the Conservancy, and the rest of the team have been checking bluebird boxes on property. In the video below, Jay uncovers not only a bluebird nest, but another sweet surprise.

Let's see what Jay finds below...

For more information on bluebird research and the Palmetto Bluff Conservancy, email

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