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Biking For Conservation

Written by Palmetto Bluff

Oct 18, 2022

Palmetto Bluff resident, David Sebastian, has embarked on the trek of a lifetime - a 3,000-mile cross-country bicycle ride from San Diego to Palmetto Bluff. Riding solo, the six week journey will raise funds for two nonprofits close to David’s heart, one of which is the Palmetto Bluff Conservancy.

“I feel very fortunate to live at Palmetto Bluff. One of the chief reasons is the role that the Palmetto Bluff Conservancy serves in allowing us to commune and live with nature and the natural habitat. While we as homeowners benefit from their efforts, the Conservancy focuses on being an advocate for wildlife, the natural environment, and the rich history of Palmetto Bluff.”

To support the Palmetto Bluff Conservancy through David’s cross-country journey, please click the link below to donate.


Enjoy the below excerpt from David and follow along on his journey.

Over the last four days, I have driven across the country to start my west-to-east ride in San Diego, CA. The drive impressed upon me the vastness of our country and how it sometimes seems largely empty. The southwest and west impress with their varied vistas and topography. Huge dunes and vast deserts accompanied me from Phoenix west on I-10 and I-8 to San Diego. I expected to see groups of riders heading east on the designated biking routes I will be using, but I saw no left me asking myself, what do they know that I don’t? The drive also underlined for me that the trip home some 3,000 miles is a long way, and I found myself anxious and in need of reminding myself that I have ridden over 4,000 miles in the last four months in increments of 80-100 miles each day to train for this crossing. So I am ready with butterflies in my stomach like I remember on game days from days long since passed.

I look forward to the physical and mental challenge, the adventure of not quite knowing where I’ll end up at the end of each ride, and the thought of who I might meet along the way. The plan?… not to have a plan.