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How Living By the Coast Improves Your Health

Written by Palmetto Bluff

Jul 29, 2022

The Top 5 Health Benefits of Coastal Living

When moving to a new location, it is important to find a place where you can enjoy your leisure time and adjust to a new way of life. Living on the coast offers many benefits including, but not limited to, improved mental health, a healthier lifestyle, and a better quality of sleep. All in all, coastal living is a rejuvenating experience for the mind, body, and soul. From the cool salty breeze to the warm sun beating against your skin, coastal living is sure to have you in a continuous state of bliss and on a positive note with your health.

Continue reading to discover the top five health benefits of coastal living.

1. Boosts Your Mood

    The majority of people who live along the coast are not without a smile. A key benefit of coastal living is that it improves your mood and energy levels. Typically, this is because coastal areas contain more negative ions, which facilitate greater serotonin production. As a mood stabilizer, serotonin can enhance your energy during the day as well as boost your overall happiness. Furthermore, coastal areas receive more sunlight, which is beneficial for those who experience seasonal changes in mood. Moving to a coastal region can give you the energy that you need year-round, so that you are prepared for whatever your new journey entails.

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    2. Reduces Stress

      It has been demonstrated that coastal environments reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and stress, which is beneficial to your cardiovascular system. Due to the ocean acting as a regulator, coastal living provides a tranquil and idyllic environment. The sound of waves lapping against the shore creates a calm ambiance which, in turn, soothes your nervous system.

      An additional benefit of coastal living that adds to stress reduction is the enhancement of mental health as a whole. A healthy mental state contributes to a higher quality of life, and studies have shown that people who live near the sea tend to be happier.

      3. Promotes an Active Lifestyle

        The sea not only makes individuals happier, but also makes them more active. With miles of coastline, the number of activities is virtually endless, ranging from beach volleyball to swimming and surfing the magnificent waves. Residents of Palmetto Bluff have access to a number of water activities, including kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing. Lowcountry waterways provide excellent opportunities for paddle boarding and admiring the coastal views.

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        4. Better Air Quality

          Aside from the positive effects of negative ions on your mood, coastal air is also beneficial to your overall lung health. The air near oceans tends to carry away pollutants, allowing people to breathe more freely. According to some reports, the ocean acts as an air filter at night, absorbing pollutants from the surface of the water. Specifically, nitrogen oxides are drawn from the air and absorbed by the sea at night. The remaining molecules are broken down by the sun and contribute to the formation of the ozone layer. Furthermore, the air is moist, which contributes to improved respiratory symptoms and eases skin irritations and dryness.

          5. Higher Vitamin D Levels

            One of the many benefits of coastal living is residents tend to spend more time outdoors leading to higher vitamin D levels. A higher dose of vitamin D is useful for healing and easing the body in terms of controlling infections and reducing inflammation. In addition to contributing to energy levels, vitamin D plays a significant role in the development of the immune system, since the more vitamin D you produce, the better your immunity will function and the more calcium you will be able to absorb. As you bask in the sun, you can observe the wonders of the coast while taking in your daily dose of vitamin D.

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            Reap the Health Benefits of Coastal Living at Palmetto Bluff

            Palmetto Bluff offers all the benefits associated with coastal living. Set upon 20,000 acres of Lowcountry land, our luxury community is ideal for those seeking an active lifestyle. Not to mention, we offer countless wellness amenities and healthy dining options.

            All in all, Palmetto Bluff is the perfect place to experience coastal living at its finest. To learn more about the community at Palmetto Bluff and the benefits of coastal living, click the button below and sign up for our newsletter.