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A Bite of History: The Secret Story Behind Big Carol

Written by Grubbs

Jul 27, 2018

We all remember where we were in those frightful days after Hurricane Matthew. Reports of devastation to Bluffton and disarray from the storm were shared on social media, and for those who evacuated they returned home bracing for the worst.

And then one post showed hope. Beside a shot of Big Carol, parked under blue skies in Wilson Village, was the following:

“Our food truck, Big Carol, is up and running and providing meals for our residents, associates, and the crews who are working hard to get Palmetto Bluff back in business. The sun is shining, we are in good spirits, and appreciate all of your thoughts and messages.”

To residents of Palmetto Bluff awaiting any good news in that moment, Big Carol was a sight for sore eyes.

But then, Big Carol has a tendency to delight the senses. Just a year into her service at Palmetto Bluff, Big Carol has established herself as a fixture at the many events that dot the calendar. From social gatherings to foot races, she’s there slinging out her signature array of mouth-watering dishes designed by Palmetto Bluff’s gifted culinarians. And this past Music to Your Mouth saw Big Carol’s coming out party in the form of Big Carol’s Big Dinner event.

But the question most people ask themselves, once they’ve filled up on the succulent cuisine within, is just who exactly is Big Carol?

Stay tuned for more as we dive into who the real Big Carol is and the food trucks debut.

Written by Barry Kaufman