November 29, 2017
The beauty of Moreland Village lies in the winding trails, sparkling waters, and enchanting woods. It is a village that continuously invites you to discover more. Whether you spend your Saturday lounging by the pool, taking a bike ride through the trails lining Cauley’s Creek, or hunting in the woods with the Palmetto Bluff Conservancy, there is something to do for everyone in Moreland.
To get you ready for your next adventure, Outside Palmetto Bluff recently opened a store in the Outfitters at Moreland Village. With products and goods from some of our favorite Southern makers, not only will you find outdoor equipment for your next adventure, but perhaps a gift for yourself, too. Indigo-dyed scarves from local company Daufuskie Blues made just across the river will keep you warm on a cool evening, and IceMule Coolers out of St. Augustine, Florida, keep your ice (and drinks) chilly on a warm day. Huntworthy Productions creates authentic hunting equipment right out of Ashe County, North Carolina. Chase Allen from Daufuskie Island creates beautiful steel fish artwork to swim right across your walls. And last, but certainly not least, Chris Williams of Williams Knife Co. creates not only beautiful but useful knives and tools for hunting, fishing, or in the kitchen. Chris’s creations have won him a Garden & Gun Made in the South award and an invitation to the Artist Cottage in Moreland Village. Take a peek at all of our favorites and visit Outside Palmetto Bluff in Moreland to get your hands on these great pieces. For Her: Onigo Straw Handbag: $38 Daufuskie Blues Scarf: $120 Kooringal Hat: $68 On the Go: Fish Pond – Big Horn Kit Bag: $159.95 For Him: Red Fish Brand Marsh & Field Coat: $479 Red Fish Brand Belt: $110 Red Fish Brand Alligator Belt Buckle: $199 For the Woods: Williams Knife Co. Folding Knife: $150 Williams Knife Co. Capers Skinning Knife: $425 Williams Knife Co. Oyster Knife: $375 Zeiss Terra Ed Binoculars: $519 Huntworthy Productions Bow: $250 *arrows not included For the Dock: IceMule Cooler: $59.95 Carolina Shuckers Oyster Knife: $60 For the House: Gullah Sweetgrass Collection Basket: $595 Chase Allen Steel Flounders – Small: $105 Medium: $225 To Give Back: All proceeds on Palmetto Bluff Conservancy retail items benefit the Palmetto Bluff Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to protect the natural habitats, culture, and history of this beautiful place. Palmetto Bluff Conservancy T-Shirt: $25 Palmetto Bluff Conservancy Hat: $25 Palmetto Bluff Conservancy Water Bottle: $15 By Sarah Grubbs
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