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Palmetto Bluff Builders: Q&A with Jason Kimes, VP of Home Building

Written by Palmetto Bluff

Oct 20, 2022

When purchasing a new construction home, you generally have two options: you can intricately select each element of your home, potentially prolonging your move-in date by six months to up to a year; or you can choose a spec home, with hand-picked options already provided by the builder, ensuring a comfortable living experience without sacrificing your time.

Palmetto Bluff has taken these two options and created a unique opportunity for those looking to purchase a move-in ready home with designer options, but without the traditional wait time associated with custom homes in the Lowcountry…

Introducing Palmetto Bluff Builders.

Dedicated to creating elegant homes in the heart of the Lowcountry, Palmetto Bluff Builders’ built-for-sale properties offer discerning homeowners true, turnkey ease with no sacrifice on superior quality. We’ve partnered with local architects, builders, landscape architects, and interior designers to approach each project with a deep understanding of the landscape, the homesite, and the ideal structure to complement it. The result? A revolutionary, no-fuss, ownership experience promising residents a simpler journey to their distinctive new home.

We recently sat down with Vice President of Homebuilding Jason Kimes, who gave us some insight into the newly established Palmetto Bluff Builders program. From home plans and features to timelines and what’s currently available, we are excited to share a glimpse into this exciting new offering at the Bluff.

Q. Who are the architects and builders that will be building my home?
A. Our local trade partners have been carefully selected for their dedication to the craft, and we are continuing to add to the list—finding just the right people that share our vision.

Q. Have Palmetto Bluff Builders’ homes already been approved by the ARB?
A. Yes, each home in the Palmetto Bluff Builders program has been thoughtfully designed by one of our architect partners and approved by the Design Review Board (DRB). (The DRB is heavily involved in the design aspect and approval.)

Q. How many home plans are there to choose from?
A. We currently have four different home plans under construction on five lots. We will have approximately five additional plans that will get underway Q1 of 2023.

Q. Where are these homes located?
A. During this first phase, there are three homes being built in Moreland and Moreland Forest, one in River Road, and one in the Montage Residence area.

Q. What is the design process like? What are my options when it comes to building materials and finishes? How much say do I have in the design process?
A. These homes are currently already under construction and approved by the DRB—so you will be limited on what you can change. The fixtures and finishes on each of these homes are hand selected by a talented team of construction professionals and top interior design specialists. This allows us to order everything in advance, helping us keep tight control of our timeline, which is critical right now with supply chain issues.

Q. What is the square footage of these homes? How many bedrooms and baths?
A. We are currently building homes in the 3,500 to 4,000+ square foot range. These homes will have 4-5 ensuite bedrooms in addition to a separate carriage house.

Q. What other rooms/features will be included as part of the design?
A. These homes will feature modern Lowcountry design including an open floorplan where spaces flow seamlessly along with plenty of outdoor living spaces. Exterior features will include a metal roof, board and batten, siding, brick, and other traditional Lowcountry design.

Q. Is the hardscape included in the home design plan? What about outdoor areas like fireplaces, fire pits, patios, etc.?
A. A huge benefit of living in the Lowcountry is the temperate climate that allows residents to enjoy the beauty of the region year-round. By partnering with the best landscape architects in the area, we’re able to extend living spaces beyond the walls of home—with outdoor living areas that you, your family, and guests can enjoy.

Q. What is the price range for these homes?
A. Pricing for these homes should be complete soon.

Q. How can I ensure that my home doesn’t look exactly like my next door neighbor?
A. The DRB approval process manages this aspect to ensure some variation to the Lowcountry style of each neighborhood.

Q. How long does it take to build my home?
A. Depending on where the home is in the construction process, homes typically take 12-14 months to complete.

Q. How will the build process be managed?
A. Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with a revolutionary, no-fuss experience that will promise a simpler journey. You’ll have a dedicated Project Engineer who will communicate with you frequently throughout the building process. We also provide an online portal that may be accessed 24 hours a day with updated construction photos, contract documents, selections details, etc. Basically everything you’ll want to “stay in the know” about regularly.

A final note: if you buy a lot that is NOT developer owned (owned by Palmetto Bluff and part of the Palmetto Bluff Builders program), you may still be able to choose one of our Palmetto Bluff Builder home design plans. These will be reviewed and discussed on a case-by-case basis.

For more information about Palmetto Bluff Builders and finding the perfect pre-built residence on the Bluff to call home, contact the Palmetto Bluff Real Estate Company team at 843.258.5029.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Bluff soon!