It all starts with the land

Defined by three historic rivers and set amid 20,000 acres, Palmetto Bluff is secluded in the truest sense, and that is surely one of the reasons this land remains so pristine today.

For more than a century, the Bluff has been known to a privileged few as one of the wildest and most beautiful places in the South Carolina Lowcountry. With a dedication to conservation versus development, at Palmetto Bluff, every adventure, inside joke and story stays rooted beneath the shelter of century-old live oaks. From calling wild turkeys to calling in your family for a freshly caught dinner, the adventures had here will become the legacies that last generations.

How We Do It

Maximizing but utilizing our natural resources

We use traditional conservation methods to enrich the flora and the fauna, for their benefit and ours. While preservation leaves Mother Nature to fend for herself, our conservation methods enrich nature’s bounty for humans and their wild neighbors.

Why We Do It

Good land ethic

As good stewards of the land, it is up to us to make sure all of our inhabitants are healthy.

Come see for yourself

Ensuring our vision of conservation stays intact

Wild Turkey

At Palmetto Bluff, we manage the land for the eastern wild turkey. The eastern wild turkey is an umbrella species, meaning all species will benefit from Conservancy efforts.

Healthy Herd

We study and manage certain species to ensure their population doesn’t exceed the carrying capacity of the land.

Wildlife Corridors

Palmetto Bluff boasts an interconnected system of green spaces that runs north, south, east and west for animals (and humans) to move freely through the landscape and developed areas. Hundreds of thousands of edges are created by these corridors.

Habitat Management

Prescribed fire management is our most important tool in habitat management. Periodic, gentle burning opens the forest floor to sunlight and encourages a new, diverse understory. Overstory trees and all land animals benefit from this necessary practice.