Artist in Residence
ARTIST IN RESIDENCE is a collaboration between Garden & Gun and Palmetto Bluff that celebrates the arts, fosters creativity, and offers a hands-on education. The inaugural program invites notable artists, including winners of G&G’s Made in the South Awards, to stay in the Artist Cottage in Palmetto Bluff’s newly constructed Moreland Village.
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2017 Schedule
July 10 - 16 Ann Ladson Stafford
Pastry chef turned jeweler and metal worker Ann Ladson Stafford of Ann Ladson was formally trained at Penland Craft School, Haystack, Appalachian center for crafts and Arrowmont and applies traditional metalworking techniques to an intuitive and artful design process. Her lifelong fascination with material exploration of art and science contributes to her creation of unique pieces that translate to an inherent understanding of composition, form, and finish.
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August 7 - 13 Cindy and Dale Eade
Southern Craft Creamery specializes in handcrafted ice cream in a variety of flavors. Cindy and Dale Eade make fresh-churned ice cream using local ingredients like Tupelo honey and strawberries making each of their flavors unique and fresh. 
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September 5 - 11 Tim Gardner
The Cedar Mountain Banjo is a twenty-first century instrument with its roots in a second-generation tradition of the finest materials and master craftsmanship. Lo Gordon, a passionate woodworker who played in his family band alongside his son, Tim Gardner, founded the Brevard, North Carolina, based company Cedar Mountain Banjos. In 2003, Tim joined his father to maintain Cedar Mountain Banjo as an industry leader for fine design, craftsmanship, and customer service. 
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October 16 - 22 Chris Williams
Avid sportsman, Chris Williams, founded Williams Knife Company in 2009 after trading in his 13-year career in Corporate America to pursue his dream of opening a small shop in John’s Island. It began with an oyster knife and has grown into four different lines of handcrafted knives. 
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November 5 - 11 Jery Bennett-Taylor 
Jery Bennett-Taylor of Jery’s Baskets is a master craftswomen who intertwines her Gullah heritage with West African tradition in each meticulously woven Beaufort Basket, paying homage to centuries of handiwork. Taylor was just five years old when she began learning the Lowcountry tradition of sweetgrass basketry from her grandmother in South Carolina. When sweetgrass became scarce, she taught herself how to use the bulrush employed in her Beaufort Baskets.  Cajoling the darker, more brittle marsh grass into the tight spiral lines requires a skilled hand. Her baskets are on display at premier locations around the country, including the Smithsonian, and private collectors alike prize Taylor’s work. 
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December 11 - 17 Jerry Talton
Jerry Talton, founder of Jerry Talton Decoys, is both an avid waterfowler and carver who makes traditional decoys focusing mainly on the time-honored methods and materials of the Core Sound area. He does not limit his carving to ducks alone, but also makes shorebirds, fish, and the occasional whimsical folk art inspired pieces.
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The Artist in Residence cottage at Palmetto Bluff was designed with a fresh take on the Lowcountry architectural aesthetic – creating rooms that are inviting, interesting, inspiring, and unpretentious. Shoreline Construction and 501 South Studio @ Court Atkins Group created a space that is decidedly contemporary through the use of unique architectural elements and furnishings like natural blonde oak floors, white painted nickel-joint wood walls, brick, and open trusses—unifying the spaces with the color white to create a blank canvas, so to speak. The next step was to install the “art” in the artist cottage by layering compelling finishes (like the powder room tile floor) that are essentially art themselves with the fine art collection curated through The Red Piano Art Gallery, featuring some of the best known Southern artists working today including Jonathan Green, Betty Anglin Smith, Mandy Johnson, Addison Palmer, and Mark Stewart.

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