Art is central to the Palmetto Bluff experience. Countless musicians, painters, crafters, and artisans have graced our community over the years, and, with The Arts Initiative, we aim to keep the momentum going.

This year, we’re further expanding the roster of talent, taking inspiration from a cross-section of elements designed to tell the many stories unfolding at the Bluff. These are the tales worth telling, the voices worth hearing, and the places worth exploring.

About Artist in Residence

The Artist in Residence program, presented by The Arts Initiative, celebrates the arts, fosters creativity, and offers hands-on education for members and guests of Palmetto Bluff. From March to December, a wide variety of interesting and immersive workshops, performances, demonstrations, and much more will unfold across Palmetto Bluff’s unspoiled natural canvas, creating a dialogue between art, the community, and the beauty of the Bluff itself. The Artist in Residence programs are available to Palmetto Bluff residents, the greater Lowcountry community, and anyone who wishes to contribute to the abundant creative energy that encompasses our community.

Explore our impressive line-up of visiting artists and join us for an event or upcoming workshop.

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2023 Artists


Sheryl Stalnaker

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Jim Lauderdale

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West Fraser

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Stella Ranae Von Schmid

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Mary Frances Maker

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Alan Shuptrine

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Melissa Bridgman

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Susan Mayfield

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November // Ben and Syndey Spurrier

Burls & Steel

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Cacky Rivers

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