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The Top 8 Benefits of Building on a Homesite

Written by Palmetto Bluff

May 06, 2022

A Guide to Building a Custom Home at Palmetto Bluff

Sit back, close your eyes, and picture the home of your dreams. Think about the design of the home as well as the landscape you see surrounding it. Do you wish you could make that dream a reality? At Palmetto Bluff, you are granted the unique opportunity to custom-build your dream home to include everything on your wishlist in a private luxury community.

Continue reading to discover the benefits of building a custom home at Palmetto Bluff.

1. Choose the Perfect Lot Size

    When building on a homesite, you have the ability to choose a lot that will be the perfect base for your Lowcountry home. When deciding on acreage, consider the size of the home you would like to build as well as the architectural features you wish to include. Keep in mind that a homesite with additional acreage will give you more flexibility to build an expansive residence. However, if you would prefer a quaint coastal cottage that is low-maintenance, a smaller lot size may be ideal.

    In addition to the size of the home you wish to build, it is important to consider the amount of yard space you wish to have when choosing the perfect lot size. With its temperate weather year-round, many residents of Palmetto Bluff enjoy entertaining in their backyard and even installing a swimming pool for the warm summer months. Others enjoy planting formal southern gardens and even growing their own fruits and vegetables. If this is of interest to you, be sure to take these factors into consideration when selecting the lot size of your custom home.

    2. Select Your Desired View

      The ability to choose your desired views is another benefit of building on a homesite. When you wake up in the morning, consider what views you wish to see when you look outside your window. Maybe you’ve always dreamt of waking up to the birds chirping among live-oak trees in the maritime forest. Or, perhaps you wish to see the sunrise above the Inland Waterway or shimmering May River as it meanders downstream. Either way, you can choose a homesite that boasts breathtaking views of your favorite Lowcountry landscapes and waterways.

      3. Consider the Neighborhood’s Aesthetic

        At Palmetto Bluff, each neighborhood has its own distinct character and this unique charm is emulated in the exterior design of the homes. For example, the Wilson Village community typically features traditional Southern architecture with details like blue shutters and expansive front porches. Therefore, we recommend selecting a neighborhood that matches your personal design preferences.

        Keeping in mind the unique aesthetics of each neighborhood, the Palmetto Bluff Design Review Board was established to ensure uniformity within each community and enhance the natural Lowcountry environment. By requiring South Carolina-registered architects and landscape architects for every submission, the Design Review Board is better able to maintain the high design standard found throughout the Bluff.

        4. Showcase Your Personal Style

          Although you may have to adhere to certain design limitations, building a custom home still allows you to express your personal style. Maybe you have always dreamed of having a wrap-around porch where you can relax and sip your morning coffee. Or, you may wish to add colorful shutters to give your home a coastal feel. Whatever exterior or interior design details you desire, you can work with an architect to bring your ideas to life.

          5. A Floor Plan That Works for You

            When building a custom home, you have the opportunity to work with an architect to create a floor plan that is tailored to your lifestyle. For example, if you are planning to retire in your custom home, you may opt to have the master suite on the first floor to allow for easier accessibility. Or, perhaps you are an avid cook and wish to have a spacious kitchen to try out new recipes and entertain friends. Building a custom home gives you the option to create a floor plan that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

            6. Quality Materials and Construction

              Using quality materials when building a home can help it last for years to come. When building a custom home, you can select high-quality products and materials to ensure your home can withstand the test of time. Additionally, high-quality materials are more visually appealing and can help you create your desired aesthetic, while cheaper materials may wear easily.

              7. Incorporate Luxury Features

                Building a custom home allows you to easily incorporate the luxury features on your wishlist. Whether you wish to have an elevator for ease of living, a home theater to enjoy with family, a luxury pool to relax in, or other upgrades, you can make sure to incorporate them into the design when you build a custom home.

                8. Cost Control

                  Last but not least, building a custom home allows you to decide on a budget and then stick to it. Since you and your builder have complete control of the materials used and the features included in the home, you are able to easily adhere to your chosen budget so that you are faced with no surprises in the end.

                  Palmetto Bluff Builders

                  For future residents who prefer turnkey ease, we offer the unique opportunity to partner with Palmetto Bluff Builders. Our local architects and craftsmen create distinctive homes that seamlessly complement the surrounding Lowcountry landscape with sophisticated styling and architectural artistry. This results in a simpler journey for residents looking to call Palmetto Bluff home.

                  Building a Custom Home at Palmetto Bluff

                  When it comes to building a custom home at Palmetto Bluff, the beauty is in your choices to make the property uniquely yours. Whether you prefer a traditional Southern home or a cozy cottage, you have the ability to create the home you have always wanted. And with homesites available that boast river, maritime forest, and marsh views, you can even select your desired surroundings.

                  If you are interested in purchasing a homesite at Palmetto Bluff, click the button below to view available listings.

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