Welcome to Anson Village

Luxury living rooted in nature's splendor.

Decades in design and thoughtfully planned with nature in mind, the time has come for Anson Village. Unfolding along terrain sculpted over centuries, Anson’s emergence on Palmetto Bluff’s southeastern shore marks the final village in a long-planned trifecta. Here, carved by the slow retreat of ancient glaciers, the May River ribbons through swaying marsh grasses, and vast oak canopies shadow the landscape.

Future residents will wake daily to the mesmeric cast of sunlight on the river and enjoy the sporting pleasures of a private golf course and marina. South Street Partners, in accordance with the Bluff’s long-held principles, will develop the raw, textured terrain with the same care that attended the growth of Moreland and Wilson Village. Governed by the mindful dictates of our passionate conservancy, Palmetto Bluff’s extraordinary lineage could only lead to this.

Secrets in the Soil

Since 2000, our on-site archaeological team has unearthed fascinating artifacts from the Bluffs history. Shells, bones, clay pot fragments and stone tools reveal the habits and social practices of the indigenous people who fished these waters and hunted these forests thousands of years ago. Countless remnants of the distant past were uncovered during the development of Moreland and Wilson Village. The unblemished earth comprising Anton Village will certainly yield even more.

Anson: The Evolution

The story of Anson Village will be defined by a time-honored reverence for the land. Before the first shovel breaks soil here, great consideration will be given to the natural environment, the wildlife, and the ecosystems already in play. As with every Palmetto Bluff community that’s preceded it, the developmental dictate remains to preserve and protect one of America’s treasured landscapes, while creating a human settlement. Emphasis will be placed on connecting man-made structures to the land and waterways in a meaningful way. Hart Howerton, key players in the success of Wilson Village, will bring their architectural artistry and attention to detail to Anson, where a wet slip will take shape. And fairway fans will welcome the challenges of the upcoming 18-hole championship golf course at Anson, plus an additional short course across River Road adjacent to The Farm.

A Shoreline Setting

Anson Village claims prime placement along the Southeastern edge of Palmetto Bluff. Remarkably, from certain vantage points, Savannah, Georgia, can be seen from its banks. Blanketed by whispering marsh grasses and live oak stands, the raw, textured terrain opens onto shimmering waterways. Residences here will boast resplendent Lowcountry marsh and river views.

The New River

The 35-mile tributary that served traveling Paleo tribes 4,000 years ago, serves sightseers and sportsmen today. The ribboning river bordering Anson Village adds a dazzling sparkle to the shoreline, once prime acreage for growing Carolina long-grained rice. Local fishermen thrill to the abundance of walleye, muskie, and small- and largemouth bass found in these coastal waters while kayakers find their flow here. And the nearby New River Linear Trail invites hikers and bikers to explore 5.2 miles of exceptional Lowcountry landscapes.