Charitable Donations

Palmetto Bluff is actively involved in supporting various projects and organizations throughout the community. Primary support is targeted for Bluffton, South Carolina based charities and/or charities that benefit the Bluffton community and citizens of the Lowcountry. Due to the large number of requests that we receive annually, we ask that you complete the form below and provide us with details regarding your organization’s mission, the event, event attendees, and the impact the organization makes on our local community.

If approved, contributions made are “in-kind” versus cash, for the purpose of silent or live auction. Recipient organizations will be required to start the auction bid at 60% of the retail value of the donated item. This will allow us to avoid diluting the value of Palmetto Bluff in the marketplace.

A minimum 8-week lead time is required for consideration of requests. Requests are reviewed monthly.

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We are thrilled to announce that power has been restored to Palmetto Bluff and the community will reopen on Friday. Please check the hours of operation for any restaurants or facilities you plan to visit as we are working to re-open all of them very soon. Thank you to everyone who has helped re-open our beautiful community and we look forward to hosting you at the Bluff.